Revolutionising workforce management for ServiceMaster Clean

With over 50 years’ experience, ServiceMaster Clean’s expertise now encompasses every type of cleaning and for a wide array of buildings including offices, retail premises, schools, hospitals, hotels, leisure facilities, venues and airports. They specialise in three areas: carpets & upholstery, office & contract cleaning and disaster restoration work. With many of their staff working alone in remote locations and during unsociable hours, ServiceMaster Clean (Surrey and South West London) turned to Ezitracker to improve staff health and safety whilst ensuring that customers received a level of service that met their expectations in every respect.

As with most other organisations employing large numbers of field-based staff, ServiceMaster Clean realised that the use of paper timesheets was simply too inefficient and also open to abuse. By providing an electronic, verified third party report that can be shown to clients and provide proof of service, Ezitracker eliminates these two common problems.

ServiceMaster Clean believe the implementation of Ezitracker has revolutionised their staff management; considerable time has been saved by not having to check that staff have turned up and significant money saved by paying staff accurately for work actually done rather than what was being reported on paper timesheets.

Director, Rachael Downer, comments:

“We chose to implement Ezitracker as it is simple to set up and easy to use. It takes away a lot of the headaches involved with managing remote working staff: we know that our staff have arrived and left an appointment safely, which has improved our duty of care, and we also know instantly when someone hasn’t turned up. This means we can pre-empt the problem before the customer needs to make a complaint call.”

It took ServiceMaster Clean less than a day to get all their staff familiar with the system and competent enough to use it. And the management team really appreciate that the system can be viewed remotely via any web browser - a great benefit when supervisors are themselves away from the office a lot.

Read the full case study here.

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