Manchester City Council choose Ezitracker

Technology that's helping manage remote workers at Manchester City Council.

One of the largest local authorities in the UK, employing nearly 25,000 staff, Manchester City Council (MCC) have their own dedicated Building Cleaning Services department whose role is to clean numerous council buildings including schools and offices. 

For supervisors, managing staff attendance and processing payroll from paper timesheets had become very time consuming; a major burden of the administration team. Searching for a simple and effective solution, and one that could be implemented quickly and easily, they concluded that Ezitracker fitted the bill perfectly.

Because Ezitracker records how long employees are at work, where they are and if they leave the premises safely, Ezitracker's web browser tool highlighted staff members who were not meeting their scheduled requirements. This meant MCC quickly discovered a very important benefit of using the service as it revealed discrepancies between the actual hours recorded by Ezitracker and the budgeted hours.

Download the full case study here.

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