Improving the management and monitoring of remote working staff

Leading commercial cleaning provider Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd have benefited from improved management control, better customer relations and cost savings of over £8,000 per annum since introducing Ezitracker.

With offices in London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Aberdeen and Glasgow, Spotless Commercial Cleaning have experienced year-on-year growth, becoming one of the most dynamic cleaning contractors within the UK, employing over 1,000 cleaners and servicing around 800 active contracts. With such scale Spotless needed a system capable of improving the management of remote working staff and enabling all cleaning provision to be monitored. And increasingly a number of clients were insisting on some system of attendance verification. 

Before taking on an electronic monitoring system like Ezitracker, companies are naturally concerned as to how employees will adjust to it; if it will be too complex and end up unused or without the full benefits realised.   

Read the full case study here.

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