Success Stories



Below are a selection of testimonials from clients that have successfully adopted Ezitracker.

ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean  🇬🇧

“Following its successful use by our regional offices we decided it would make sense to adopt Ezitracker on all new nationally agreed contracts. We are committed to constantly seeking new ways of improving service and delivering excellence and Ezitracker’s ability to monitor service delivery and improve operational efficiency will clearly help us achieve this.”

Dave Stirling,

Network Manager, ServiceMaster Clean.


mitie  🇬🇧

“Ezitracker is a simple yet effective service that our employees find easy to use. Ezitracker is an important part of our control environment, enabling us to drive through operational efficiencies, improve performance levels and continue to deliver outstanding service to our customers. Without Ezitracker we could not manage our business so effectively.”

Alex Coombes,

Finance Projects Manager, Mitie Facilities Management

Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council  🇬🇧

“Previously, we had no clear system of tracking when staff arrived at, or left, sites; this is no longer the case. We are now in full control of our remote workforce. In addition we have dramatically reduced the mountains of paper and the process for checking timesheets and inputting to payroll, and now it’s electronic it is no longer the huge administrative task it used to be. Our cleaning staff are focused on using Ezitracker. They make sure they are at work for the required period and log in and out to make sure they get paid correctly. Due to the success of the project, MCC has plans to roll out Ezitracker to other departments.”

Deniece Wadsworth,

Administration Officer, Building Cleaning Services, Manchester City Council.

Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning

Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning  🇦🇺

“Ezitracker provides transparency of contract activities that had previously been difficult to manage. Actual site attendance is verified, staff are more accountable and payroll costs have been reduced by approximately 15%.”

Ben Jacobs,

General Manager, Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning, Victoria, Australia.

Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd  🇬🇧

“I had prior experience of Ezitracker having used it at a previous company and had always been impressed with its reliability and ease of use, and so it was not a difficult decision for Spotless to opt for Ezitracker; I knew it would be the perfect solution for our needs.”

Sheila Yates,

Director, Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd, London.

Minster Cleaning Services

Minster Cleaning Services  🇬🇧

“During the highly challenging times of the recent recession Ezitracker proved an invaluable asset for our business and wherever it has been used the response from clients has been very positive, so much so that we always make a feature of Ezitracker when we quote for new business as it’s a great way of showing that our customers are getting value for their money.”

Geoff Pollard,

Minster Cleaning, East Anglia.


Ecocleen  🇬🇧

“The overriding benefit of Ezitracker is visibility. We can now see exactly what’s going on at the sharp end of our business at the point where we actually deliver our service to our customers. Having access to real-time attendance details really is invaluable. The other big benefit has been the streamlining of processes and the reduction in paper flow. Previously we’d have thousands of timesheets out there with a huge team of people processing them. Now everything is processed simply and quickly on a daily basis. Thanks to Ezitracker the system is so much more efficient now.”

Sean Taylor,

Managing Director, ECOCLEEN Services.

Southern Grampians Shire Home & Community Care

Southern Grampians Shire Home & Community Care  🇳🇿

“Ezitracker for mobile is such a visual service so there are very few, if any, user errors. Distribution of rosters is immediate, so too is time and attendance data; and mileage travelled goes straight to our admin staff for payroll sign off.”

Wendy Gallagher,

Aged & Disability Services Co-Ordinator, Southern Grampians Shire Home & Community Care, Victoria, Australia.

Newport City Council

Newport City Council  🇬🇧

“Ezitracker has transformed the management control of our homecare service and given us the ability to ensure that we are delivering our service as planned. With so many remote working staff out there, it really is invaluable. And of course the additional safeguard afforded by Ezitracker to our lone working carers has been very well received. As Ezitracker has removed the time-consuming, mundane task of punching in manual timesheets it has freed up a lot of administration time, at the same time improving the accuracy of our data as it’s eliminated the human error you can get with manual timesheet processing. Overall we’ve also seen huge savings on administration.”

Carol Lillie,

Senior Locality Manager, Newport City Council

Local Solutions

Local Solutions  🇬🇧

“Using Ezitracker has definitely enhanced our reputation with local authorities. It has also been a great way of improving relationships with the local people we care for in that any service breakdown will be responded to immediately and they get the care that’s been allocated to them. This is an important reassurance to next of kin and other close relatives. We have experienced exceptional growth over the last few years but it would have been virtually impossible to achieve this without Ezitracker.”

John O’Toole,

Finance Manager, Local Solutions, Liverpool.

Euro Car Parks

Euro Car Parks  🇬🇧

“We have sites right across the country and previously we used paper timesheets. There was no way of knowing if accurate information was being recorded and the admin involved was a nightmare. Ezitracker has solved this problem by streamlining our processes and providing us with accurate, verified, real- time data. One of the great benefits of Ezitracker is that we always know what is happening; we can see in real-time where our staff are logged in and that they are safe. Health and safety is a big part of what we do and Ezitracker is a great tool to ensure that we are fulfilling duty of care responsibilities to our workforce.”

Carol Curwood,

Payroll Manager, Euro Car Parks.

Integrated Cleaning Services

Integrated Cleaning Services  🇬🇧

“Increasingly we are using Ezitracker as a value-added proposition in our tender bids. Even if a contract doesn’t specify attendance monitoring as a mandatory requirement, both ICM and our customers recognise the value of a cleaning service backed up by a monitoring system that’s able to ensure timely service delivery along with the additional HSE benefits for remotely working operators.”

Jason Cordery,

Financial Controller, Integrated Cleaning Management.