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Cleaning & Facilities Management

Cleaning & Facilities Management

For each client case study please click on 'Read More' for the full story. Each one concludes with the key financial and other benefits that the client has now gained from using Ezitracker.

ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean  🇬🇧

With over 50 years’ experience, ServiceMaster Clean’s expertise now encompasses every type of cleaning and for a wide array of buildings including offices, retail premises, schools, hospitals, hotels, leisure facilities, venues and airports. They specialise in three areas: carpets & upholstery, office & contract cleaning and disaster restoration work. With many of their staff working alone in remote locations and during unsociable hours, ServiceMaster Clean (Surrey and South West London) turned to Ezitracker to improve staff health and safety whilst ensuring that customers received a level of service that met their expectations in every respect.

As with most other organisations employing large numbers of field based staff, ServiceMaster Clean realised that the use of paper timesheets was simply too inefficient and also open to abuse. By providing an electronic, verified third party report that can be shown to clients and provide proof of service, Ezitracker eliminates these two common problems.

ServiceMaster Clean believe the implementation of Ezitracker has revolutionised their staff management; considerable time has been saved by not having to check that staff have turned up and significant money saved by paying staff accurately for work actually done rather than what was being reported on paper timesheets.

Director, Rachael Downer, comments, “We chose to implement Ezitracker as it is simple to set up and easy to use. It takes away a lot of the headaches involved with managing remote working staff: we know that our staff have arrived and left an appointment safely, which has improved our duty of care, and we also know instantly when someone hasn’t turned up. This means we can pre-empt the problem before the customer needs to make a complaint call.”

It took ServiceMaster Clean less than a day to get all their staff familiar with the system and competent enough to use it. And the management team really appreciate that the system can be viewed remotely via any web browser - a great benefit when supervisors are themselves away from the office a lot.

In conclusion, Rachael said, “Ezitracker has definitely helped us to increase our customer base and retain existing contracts. The feedback from clients has all been positive - it ensures they get what they pay for and it is a great health and safety tool for our staff. Quite simply, the system provides peace of mind for everyone.”

Benefits outcome

  • Supervisors are now able to view the system anytime, anywhere, using a web browser and as they are frequently away from the office this means they are always “in the loop” and
    able to act immediately upon any service breakdown.
  • Supervisors receive “no-show” alerts (via email or text) if a staff member does not show up on site, on time, and similarly if they do not leave as scheduled (a different alert being
    raised). Management welcomed this improvement to their duty of care procedures. And it has provided an important reassurance to lone working staff too.
  • As well as improving service delivery and safeguarding lone workers, Ezitracker has enabled ServiceMaster Clean to gain significant cost savings on administration as paper timesheets are no longer needed. Major savings were also realised from the decrease in human resource time spent on supervision and dealing with customer queries.
  • The electronic, verified third party service delivery reports that ServiceMaster Clean are now able to show clients has helped both retain business and gain new business.
Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council  🇬🇧

One of the largest local authorities in the UK, employing nearly 25,000 staff, Manchester City Council (MCC) have their own dedicated Building Cleaning Services department whose role is to clean numerous council buildings including schools and offices. For supervisors, managing staff attendance and processing payroll from paper timesheets had become very time consuming; a major burden of the administration team. Searching for a simple and effective solution, and one that could be implemented quickly and easily, they concluded that Ezitracker fitted the bill perfectly.

Because Ezitracker records how long employees are at work, where they are and if they leave the premises safely, Ezitracker’s web browser tool highlighted staff members who were not meeting their scheduled requirements. This meant MCC quickly discovered a very important benefit of using the service as it revealed discrepancies between the ‘actual hours’ recorded by Ezitracker and the budgeted hours.

Commenting on the success of Ezitracker, MCC Administration Officer, Deniece Wadsworth, said, “Previously we had no clear system of tracking when staff arrived at, or left, sites; but this is no longer the case. We are now in full control of our remote workforce. In addition, we have dramatically reduced the mountains of paper and the process for checking timesheets and inputting to payroll; because it is electronic, it is no longer the huge administrative task it used to be. Our cleaning staff are focused on using Ezitracker: they make sure they are at work for the required period and log in and out as this ensures they get paid correctly!”

Due to the success of the project, MCC has plans to roll out Ezitracker to other remote workers in other departments.

Benefits outcome

Elimination of the time-consuming exercise of processing payroll from paper timesheets.
Substantial reduction in the administrative burden of processing paper timesheets - staff were able to spend time on more productive work.
Highlighted discrepancies between the actual hours recorded by Ezitracker and the budgeted hours, leading to cost savings whilst also showing individuals who were not meeting their scheduled requirements, leading to improved service delivery.
Greatly improved management control over the remote workforce - supervisors know exactly where all staff are at any time.
Staff responded positively to the system as it made sure they were accurately paid for their work shifts

Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning

Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning  🇦🇺

The family owned and operated Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning, based in Victoria, employ around 375 staff at over 300 locations throughout Australia including many high security government sites. Triple certified with ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 4801 OHS Standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Management, they now have over 20 years’ industry experience in providing integrated facilities solutions but continuous expansion and rising staff numbers had put their payroll systems under constant pressure.

General Manager, Ben Jacobs, comments, “Our manual timesheet systems were creating a workflow problem; we were losing productivity and countless hours in follow-up calls to chase up timesheets. We also had no reporting tools to monitor and verify actual site attendance.”

To eliminate lost productivity, improve payroll workflow and visibility of site attendance as well as reduce wage costs, Cloverdale made the decision to adopt Ezitracker.

“Due to the nature of the clients we service,” says Ben, “we were restricted in the type of monitoring solution we could adopt. Ezitracker doesn’t require purchase of any capital equipment, so the low cost to implement the service nationally was a very attractive proposition.

“Furthermore, staff find Ezitracker simple to use and it can be up-scaled with the addition of other login methods such as Biotouch and smartphones at any time.”

After using the Ezitracker service for a relatively short time, administration staff noticed a significant drop in payroll processing time from 24 hours to collate and process manual timesheets to downloading data in just a couple of hours.

“Working hours are checked against budget, adjusted and approved before they’re sent to payroll for payment” added Ben, “and with real-time reporting of staff attendance there has been a drop in falsified timesheets – we’ve lowered our fortnightly wage costs by approximately 15%.”

Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning also utilise Ezitracker management reports to provide comprehensive information to their clients and believe this is having a significant impact on their contract performance as they can demonstrate actual attendance on site and the time worked.

“Ezitracker provides transparency of contract activities that had previously been difficult to manage. Site supervisors are made aware of disparities as they occur, enabling them to take remedial action to ensure continuity of service. This, along with electronic reporting and visibility of site attendance, undoubtedly gives us a competitive advantage when bidding for new business,” concluded Ben.

Benefits Outcome

Low implementation cost (no capital equipment required).
Flexibility of login methods to suit staff and site requirements.
Easy to use, even for non-English speaking staff.
Significant reduction in payroll expenses.
Eliminates falsified timesheets.
Competitive advantage when bidding for new business.

Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd  🇬🇧

Founded in Edinburgh over 25 years ago, leading commercial cleaning provider Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd have benefited from improved management control, better customer relations and cost savings of over £8,000 per annum since introducing Ezitracker.

With offices in London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Aberdeen and Glasgow, Spotless Commercial Cleaning have experienced year-on-year growth, becoming one of the most dynamic cleaning contractors within the UK, employing over 1,000 cleaners and servicing around 800 active contracts. With such scale Spotless needed a system capable of improving the management of remote working staff and enabling all cleaning provision to be monitored. And increasingly a number of clients were insisting on some system of attendance verification.

Before taking on an electronic monitoring system like Ezitracker, companies are naturally concerned as to how employees will adjust to it; if it will be too complex and end up unused or without the full benefits realised. However, Ezitracker clients soon discover that it’s actually remarkably easy to use and staff quickly adapt to it as Sheila Yates, London Director for Spotless, comments, “I had prior experience of Ezitracker having used it at a previous company and had always been impressed with its reliability and ease of use, and so it was not a difficult decision to opt for Ezitracker as I knew it was the perfect solution for our needs.

“Our staff recognise the benefits of Ezitracker as much as we do. There is no longer any room for error when it comes to pay day and so by logging in and logging out of the system staff know we will pay them accurately. If they don’t log in or log out as instructed then they understand they won’t get paid. It’s been very effective.”

Spotless have been delighted with the improvements they’ve experienced following the introduction; they especially appreciate the alert feature sent to a designated manager when an employee has not arrived at a particular site by the required time. The alert can be sent as a text message, voice message or email to a specified address. Management are therefore immediately informed when a site worker has failed to log in on time, enabling management to respond instantly and take action before any unwelcome call from the client.

As Sheila Yates says, “If a priority site has been missed or not attended by the required time, we contact the client to arrange an alternative and the customer is confident we know what is going on with our staff. The proactive approach is far more professional than being informed by an irate customer that work has not been completed.”

Benefits outcome

Reduced payroll costs - estimated by Spotless to amount to at least £8,000 per annum as a result of more accurate data; with paper timesheets being replaced with real-time information on the actual staff hours worked and eliminating discrepancies between the actual and report hours.
Improved operating efficiencies - with staff resources switching to more productive work; staff no longer spend time on unproductive processing of paper timesheets and now focus on providing high quality service delivery.
Significant decrease in payroll and invoice queries, with both staff and customers recognising the accuracy and reliability of Ezitracker’s verified time & attendance reports - this has again resulted in cost savings, with valuable management time no longer tied up in trying to resolve time-consuming queries.
Increased contract retention rates through improved service levels, stricter cost control and improved operating efficiencies.

Minster Cleaning Services

Minster Cleaning Services  🇬🇧

Founded over 30 years ago, Minster Cleaning Services has grown to become a multi-branch national company recognised as a significant force in the UK cleaning industry. The East Anglia branch currently have over 75 staff now using Ezitracker and they have been delighted with the way it has both improved operational efficiencies and become an important marketing tool when competing for new contracts.

The cleaning industry, in common with so many other sectors, has experienced tough times in the deep recession that followed the global economic crash of 2008. During this period the East Anglia branch used Ezitracker to great effect. Franchisee, Geoff Pollard, comments:

“During the highly challenging times we endured during the recession Ezitracker proved an invaluable asset. Wherever it has been used the response from clients has been very favourable and so we always make a feature of Ezitracker when we quote for new business. It’s a great way of showing that our customers are getting value for their money.

“On an operational level one of the most valuable aspects of Ezitracker is the tighter control the service gives you on hours worked. It means I can check the online data at various times of the day to see who is logged in and out, and the operations and administration staff use the service constantly to keep things running smoothly.”

The East Anglia branch of Minster Cleaning Services say that Ezitracker has really proved its worth as a management tool, with the efficiency gains experienced far greater than the cost of the service.

They also highly value the overall level of information about the business that the system generates and the additional safeguards it delivers to lone workers, helping the company meet its duty of care obligations to staff.

Benefits outcome

A valued marketing tool that has helped secure new business.
Provided much greater management control and a more thorough understanding / insight into all operational aspects of the business.
Universally positive feedback from clients.
Efficiency savings have proved far greater than the cost of the service.
A valuable aid to effective risk management - provides important duty of care responsibilities for lone working employees.


Ecocleen  🇬🇧

Ecocleen have been providing contract cleaning services to the commercial sector for over 20 years, experiencing rapid growth and building an excellent reputation along the way. When the management found out about Electronic Staff Monitoring (ESM) they wasted no time in implementing the Ezitracker service. The company has now embedded Ezitracker into the core of its operations, successfully using it to improve service, enhance management control and win more business.

Ecocleen identified two key challenges that they believe most commercial cleaning contractors must contend with: the daunting challenge of delivering outstanding service, profitability and growth in a sector traditionally dominated by price whilst retaining their best cleaning staff given the high staff turnover in the cleaning sector.

Reflecting on these, Managing Director, Sean Taylor, said, “If you think about it, ESM has a role to play in meeting both these challenges. First, it helps us to improve our service levels and add value whilst also achieving process efficiencies and driving down costs; all vital benefits in such a competitive market. And as far as staff retention is concerned, here too there are long-term benefits - we only want to work with staff that we can trust and buy into our vision; we never felt it’s about monitoring cleaners but openness, efficiency and the culture of our business. It was obvious to us that ESM would help us to identify the really committed staff and ensure we had a totally transparent relationship with them.”

Ecocleen looked at competitor products but nonetheless rapidly concluded that Ezitracker was the best match for their needs. It has now been embedded into Ecocleen’s systems, providing indispensable information on what is happening, in real-time, at the multitude of sites throughout the UK where they operate.

Sean Taylor adds, “We use Ezitracker so that we know the actual hours that our staff have worked and of course we want our staff to know that we can see their actual attendance hours. “No-show” alerts are raised to supervisors according to Ecocleen’s agreed thresholds, enabling them to respond before any service breakdown.”

Benefits outcome

Transformation in the management control of the remote working workforce. Management now have clear visibility of what’s going on at all locations and can respond immediately to any service breakdown; pre-empting any customer complaints and enhancing service delivery.
Streamlining of processes with a massive reduction in paper flow. Back office staff no longer needed for time-consuming processing of timesheets and payroll. Staff resources previously allocated to this time have moved to customer facing roles where they are now enhancing service delivery.
Ezitracker is now being used as an added value proposition by the company, exemplifying Ecocleen’s commitment to service, transparency and integrity. Essentially Ezitracker is now seen by management as an indispensable requirement for successful bids on new contracts.