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Cleancorp excels with Ezitracker workforce management technology

Cleancorp chose Ezitracker Workforce Management Technology to help with its inefficient payroll system. They are now back-office efficient and using Ezitracker means producing a payroll file now takes fifteen minutes.

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Cleancorp chose Ezitracker Workforce Management Technology to help with their inefficient payroll system. It would often take up to three days to manually process and produce payroll files. They are now back-office efficient and using Ezitracker means producing a payroll file now takes fifteen minutes.

Demos Property Services enlisted the Ezitracker biometric kiosk.

An Australasian Case Study To eliminate lost productivity, improve time and attendance accuracy Demos Property Services enlisted the biometric kiosk. The Ezitracker biometric kiosk is the most accurate and fool proof method of time and attendance capturing. Employee verification uses biometric fingerprint scanning with extreme accuracy. Workforce time and attendance logs can then be used to compile reports within the Ezitracker administration software.

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We believed Ezitracker was the best solution for achieving our desired result because of their exceptional customer service and biometric devices offered. The most significant improvement that has resulted from working with Ezitracker is the monitoring of staff times and verification points when reporting to our clients as well as the ease of generating these reports.

Improving the management and monitoring of remote working staff

Leading commercial cleaning provider Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd have benefited from improved management control, better customer relations and cost savings of over £8,000 per annum since introducing Ezitracker.

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Our staff recognise the benefits of Ezitracker as much as we do. There is no longer any room for error when it comes to pay day and so by logging in and logging out of the system staff know we will pay them accurately. It’s been very effective.

Ecocleen embed Electronic Staff Monitoring (ESM) into core operations

Ecocleen have been providing contract cleaning services to the commercial sector for over 20 years, experiencing rapid growth and building an excellent reputation along the way. When the management found out about Electronic Staff Monitoring (ESM) they wasted no time in implementing the Ezitracker service. The company has now embedded Ezitracker into the core of its operations, successfully using it to improve service, enhance management control and win more business.

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We use Ezitracker so that we know the actual hours that our staff have worked and of course we want our staff to know that we can see their actual attendance hours. 'No show' alerts are raised to supervisors according to Ecocleen’s agreed thresholds, enabling them to respond before any service breakdown.

Time and attendance reporting for Euro Car Parks (ECP)

Euro Car Parks (ECP) is one of the biggest and best known names in vehicle parking, operating over 750 car parks across the UK, Ireland and Europe; employing over 1,000 staff and assisting in excess of 500,000 motorists a day. The safety and security of ECP employees is paramount and by implementing Ezitracker, they have been able to streamline their processes, add value to their service proposition and above all improve the safety of their remote workers.

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It is very reassuring to always know what is happening; we can see where our staff are at any time and that they are safe. 

Revolutionising workforce management for ServiceMaster Clean

As with most other organisations employing large numbers of field-based staff, ServiceMaster Clean realised that the use of paper timesheets was simply too inefficient and also open to abuse. By providing an electronic, verified third party report that can be shown to clients and provide proof of service, Ezitracker eliminates these two common problems.

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Ezitracker has definitely helped us to increase our customer base and retain existing contracts. The feedback from clients has all been positive - it ensures they get what they pay for and it is a great health and safety tool for our staff. Quite simply, the system provides peace of mind for everyone.

Manchester City Council choose Ezitracker

One of the largest local authorities in the UK, employing nearly 25,000 staff, Manchester City Council (MCC) have their own dedicated Building Cleaning Services department whose role is to clean numerous council buildings including schools and offices.

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Searching for a simple and effective solution, and one that could be implemented quickly and easily, they concluded that Ezitracker fitted the bill perfectly.

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