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Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Against a backdrop of every increasing demand for homecare services, senior management at the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) were under pressure to find imaginative ways of delivering improved care provision whilst also controlling costs.

The introduction of Electronic Homecare Monitoring (EHM) became the key driver for a wholesale transformation in the way that RBKC managed and provided its homecare services, and RBKC were the first council in the country to award a contract for the provision of EHM via a tender process employing the ESPO 394 EHM framework agreement.

Feedback from other councils underlined the need to ensure that a requirement to use EHM was written into new contracts with domiciliary care providers. RBKC’s EHM project team also quickly concluded that it was best for the Borough to procure the monitoring system themselves rather than leaving providers to use a system of their choice.

RBKC chose Ezitracker because of the system’s proven performance capability, its compatibility with leading rostering systems, its ease of use, its proven track record and the reputation of the Ezitracker implementation team.

The unqualified success of Ezitracker has led to it being rolled out across the ‘Tri-borough’ councils of Westminster City Council, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, and RBKC.

“Until we introduced EHM, accountability was poor, we were totally reliant on paper timesheets and we really had no way of accurately verifying that our commissioned care was actually being delivered. With the best will in the world it was impossible to ensure that we were getting the service that we were paying for each day and we were expected to manage hundreds of unsupervised visits to different locations throughout the Borough.” Steven Forbes, Project Team Head, RBKC

Benefits outcome

Transformation in the management control of homecare services with access to carer planned schedules and actual time attendance in real-time. This has resulted in significant improvements in service delivery.
Substantial increase in performance from external providers with 85% of commissioned care now being actually delivered within acceptable parameters.
Since 2010 providers are now paid on actual care delivered. This has resulted in savings of around £70K with further savings of £90K per annum as staff costs were further reduced as a direct result of manpower efficiency savings generated by Ezitracker.
A 100% reduction in paper invoicing with providers paid on actual attendance hours delivered; verified by Ezitracker. Automated e-processing now enables a seamless integration of ordering, scheduling, attendance verification, arbitration and payment.
Safeguard for lone working carers which has been welcomed by in-house and external providers alike.