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Cleaning providers and accountability in the post-Covid era

With the recent announcements on easing of lockdown, facilities that are set to re-open are going to require more frequent, deeper cleans and stricter new cleaning procedures. Cleaning providers will have to become more accountable.

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Will offices re-open and be COVID-19 secure?

Many workplaces remain largely deserted because of the request from the Government to work from home if at all possible, and so far, there has been no change in that guidance from Boris Johnson.

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Do you provide financial wellness support to your workers?

Financial stress can be a distraction at work for employees, and many employers recognise the direct impact it can have on productivity and engagement.

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Homeworkers following lockdown, what will this mean for large office spaces?

Many of us are wondering if we will ever return to a busy office environment and have settled into home working as best we can. Office-based employees have had had to adapt to new ways of working, so what will the future of the office space look like post-pandemic?

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Is your cleaning company ready for post-lockdown measures?

As the UK government lays out plans to reduce current lockdown restrictions, many companies will be starting to make tracks and decide on appropriate measures to put in place to ensure their workplaces reopen safely. Top of the agenda will be sanitising building premises and instilling more rigorous and regular cleaning regimes.

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What will the new normal look like for the cleaning sector?

As businesses begin to slowly open their doors, the importance of introducing a clean and safe environment for the workforce, whatever the industry, is firmly at the top of the 'new normal' agenda. The FM and cleaning sector will continue to play a pivotal role.

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World FM Day 2020: Recognising the vital work that the FM industry delivers

Digital transformation for FM and Cleaning Services has never been so high on the business agenda and #WorldFMDay2020 aims to recognise the vital work that FMs and the FM industry contribute to business worldwide.

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Ezitracker announce strategic partnership with uComply

uComply have a number of products that help to simplify the compliance process for Right to Work checks via a mobile app using NFC technology. Ezitracker will be taking the onboarding product and branding it as ‘EziOnboard+’ which will sit within the EziHub platform of workforce management solutions.

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FMs will be the first responders in the safe return to work

During the pandemic, the FM profession has an essential role to play and there is a collective effort across the industry in stepping up to the challenge, providing mission-critical support.

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