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Does my business need a financial wellbeing policy?

Many employers already recognise the need for supporting employee financial wellbeing.  Money worries affect our mental and physical health, which in turn can affect work performance. To help address this, nearly half of employers have a financial wellbeing policy in place. 

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Steps your organisation can take to reduce financial stress in the workplace

If your employees are experiencing poor financial wellbeing it’s very likely they won’t be performing their best at work.  It’s also very likely that they won’t talk to you about them, keeping their concerns to themselves. We know that talking about money is a good starting point to improving financial wellbeing.  But how do you start the conversation? 

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The Access Group acquires workforce Management technology solutions provider Ezitracker

The Access Group, a leading provider of business management software to mid-sized organisations, today announced the acquisition of Ezitracker, one of the UK’s leading providers of workforce management solutions in the Facilities Management sector.

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A workforce management system that goes beyond time and attendance monitoring

​Your workforce is your greatest asset but also your largest overhead. Managing a large, dispersed workforce can be a huge challenge, with customers now requiring more robust service level agreements and evidencing service delivery. Knowing your staff are on-site as planned can be critical.

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Digital payroll technology will help get your cleaning company back on track

​The digital streamlining of payroll should be a priority for employers, regardless of industry or size. That’s why there is an emergence of new technologies that aim to transform payroll for the benefit of both employers and employees, and more so in commercial cleaning and facilities management sectors.

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Ezitracker to run webinar series on workforce management technology

Ezitracker is launching a series of 30 min webinars on its Workforce Management Software Technology. Aimed specifically at commercial cleaning contractors and FM companies, we would like to invite you to join us for our introduction webinar in August.

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Manchester Cleaning Show gets back to business

​Following the UK government's announcement that trade shows can re-start on 1st October, the Manchester Cleaning Show is ready to host a safe and quality event experience for all of attendees 14-15th October.

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Cloud-based automated payroll systems for commercial cleaning sector

By streamlining payroll processes and adopting intuitive cloud-based management technology in your FM or cleaning company can be a two-fold initiative; meaning both the employer and the worker get to realise the benefits. With many systems already under pressure, payroll is a drain on administration and often takes several days to complete.

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British Cleaning Council publishes guide to cleaning and hygiene terms

The industry body for the cleaning and hygiene sector, the BCC (British Cleaning Council) has published a guide to cleaning terms to help the UK economy reopen safely following the Coronavirus lockdown.

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