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It all adds up. Timesheet discrepancies, what is the true cost?

A huge reduction in the administrative burden of paper timesheets can result in substantial savings in payroll processing; including the elimination of timesheet fraud, reduction in payroll overpayments, discrepancies, disputes, and time spent on supervision.

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Goldcrest Cleaning takes full suite of Workforce Management Technology

Ezitracker is now providing end-to-end workforce management software solutions across the entire Goldcrest Cleaning contract portfolio. Goldcrest is a commercial contract cleaning company that operates across The Midlands and North Cotswolds areas of the UK.

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Effectively plan and manage your workforce with...Eziplanner

EziPlanner is the engine of Ezitracker's workforce management solution. After you’ve onboarded and validated your workforce 'ready to work', you can effectively schedule and roster your teams - with not a spreadsheet in sight!

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What is workforce management?

Put simply, if your business employs temporary, remote or 'deskless' workers then a workforce management system will improve your profitability by helping to manage your remote working staff in the most efficient way possible.

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Businesses face enormous staffing challenges as new year gets underway

The combined effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit has created a skills gap, with the scale of staffing lost from many sectors not likely to become fully apparent for some time. As steps are made to recover from both, the construction and hospitality sectors are expected to lead the road to recovery.

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Tomorrow’s Cleaning name Ezitracker as finalist in 2021 Awards

Ezitracker has been named as a finalist at the Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards 2021. Voting will open in the New Year and the winners announced in the Spring.

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Addressing the Construction Workforce Management Gap with Digital Transformation

Digital workforce management in construction can enable organisations to plan site scheduling as well as tracking certifications, skills and background checks to improve transparency on projects.

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Ezitracker team continues to grow

This month we welcomed Chris Taylor back into the Ezitracker team when he was appointed as a new Business Development Manager for workforce management solutions. Here, we caught up with him to find out a little more about him.

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Keeping workplaces safe as Covid-19 restrictions relax

Teams across facilities, real estate, technology and HR have all been working together to ensure the safety of the workplace in preparation for the 'big return'. Long-term workplace strategies have had to be developed and implemented. A huge part of this is safety and hygiene processes.

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