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Eliminate timesheets, streamline budgeting and improve contract reporting

Over the last 20 years, Ezitracker has been developing innovative technology which challenges workforce management convention – reducing costs, delivering efficiencies, and improving workforce productivity to ensure our customers can deliver a first-class service.

The contract cleaning sector has changed significantly throughout the pandemic, lots of buildings and businesses closed and many staff were furloughed. Clients have had to change their requirements on an almost daily basis depending on whether offices for example, are open full-time or operating on a hybrid-working basis. Cleaning companies have had to demonstrate agile and flexible working practices enough to reflect that.

To top a very difficult situation, commercial cleaning companies who had not already embraced digitalisation for managing their remote workforce, suddenly, needed to have systems in place to track and schedule their staff and ensure payroll was fully integrated.

Workforce management is now top of the agenda to help manage facilities safely and efficiently.

We have launched our new brochure to show you the full suite of solutions for your employee's journey.


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