Why is time and attendance workforce technology important for cleaning contractors?

Date: 16th Jul 2019

Workforce management technology is an umbrella term for the devices, apps, software and systems that help a business manage staff scheduling, task monitoring, track and monitor time and attendance and provide management information.  Ezitracker has recently launched a Cleaning Contractors Guide to Remote Workforce Management and you can read some of the extracts within this blog post.

Delivering a site-based contract cleaning service is costly, we are operating in a highly competitive market with tight margins and where the customer is king. The need to ensure accurate time and attendance levels, contract compliance, validate service delivery and automate key processes has never been higher.

Your workforce is commonly your highest business cost and managing a large, dispersed workforce can be a huge challenge. With customers requiring more robust service level agreements, evidencing service delivery and knowing staff are on-site as planned is critical. The sector is under increasing pressure to provide accountability for all cleaning resources. This means that unproductive time is highly visible and no longer acceptable. Our time and attendance technology can deliver proactive planning of your workforce identifying potential issues before they become fundamental problems,

Having full, real-time visibility of staff attendance and punctuality is key. Progression in technology is facilitating a shift for cleaning providers to deliver better value by managing contracts and mobile workforces more efficiently. The prevalence of new, cloud-based technologies has made it significantly easier for cleaning service providers to manage teams of staff across multiple sites remotely whilst bringing cost savings and adding to the bottom line.

Smartphone and mobile technology are delivering added value with more and more in-app communication tools becoming available. A new report from MTW Research* suggests the UK contract cleaning market is set for £95 million growth in 2019, despite Brexit uncertainties sustaining pressure on companies and dampening volume growth.

More specialised cleaning services continue to grow sales in 2019, and the report identifies a wide range of opportunities for value growth in what has become an increasingly competitive market in recent years. It’s reassuring however, to see that around 80% of Cleaning Contractors report healthy financials and future growth, although the number of businesses at risk of failing has risen in the last 12 months.

* Source: MTW Contract Cleaning Market Report, Research & Analysis UK – February 2019.


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