White Paper Payroll-Streamlining for Facilities Management Cleaning Companies

Date: 04th Feb 2020

The method and frequency of how people are paid can have considerable impact on how they manage their finances and how they approach their daily duties. Financial stress can be a distraction at work for employees, and many employers recognise the direct impact it can have on productivity and engagement.

The notion of streamlining payroll must be viewed essential by employers, regardless of industry or size. That’s why there is an emergence of new technologies that aim to transform payroll for the benefit of both employers and employees, and more so in commercial cleaning and facilities management sectors where hours and locations can be varied.

Download our WHITEPAPER today and discover how to utilise mobile technology as a key driver in today’s competitive Cleaning and FM sectors. The technology that sits behind the scenes can make your businesses more profitable, make the mundane tasks automated, and make the complex issues simple.

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EziPay is a cloud-based workforce management and payroll platform designed specifically for outsourced payroll providers. 

EziPay is a fully automated payroll solution, providing exceptional time-saving benefits payroll management. With employee self-service, rota management, time and attendance and comprehensive mobile apps, payroll administrators can automate traditionally manual tasks and allow employees to manage their own payroll data. 

EziPay automates tax codes changes and effective dates, processes pensions in real time and removes the need for separate systems and manual data interpretation.

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