University estates invest over £3bn in new buildings as performance reaches a peak

Date: 14th Feb 2019

After gathering and analysing data reflecting the key activities and targets of estates management teams in more than 160-member universities across the UK, it is evident that the overall performance level of university estates is better than ever. With almost 1.7 million students now dependent on the quality of their learning environments, we should aim at nothing less. AUDE’s established KPIs measure Efficiency, Quality, Value and Sustainability to give member institutions a rounded view, and the picture is of strong and responsible management. And that’s important – not just to the universities themselves but to the entire economy.

As the report highlights, universities now spend more than £3bn a year on capital projects as well as a similar figure on repairs, maintenance, energy, cleaning and security. Such a large spend can come as a surprise to those not familiar with the sector, but this kind of ongoing investment in the higher education estate creates a positive ripple effect around localities from Falmouth in the south-west to Inverness in the north. The value of this investment to the local and national economy is truly significant – and not just in the construction phase. Universities are increasingly significant generators of economic activity above and beyond the teaching and research that they undertake. To this end this level of investment is a hugely important aspect of the country’s economic prosperity.

Christian Berenger, Managing Director of Ezitracker workforce technology commented:

AUDE’s established KPIs measure Efficiency, Quality, Value and Sustainability. In order to win these maintenance, energy, cleaning and security works, SMEs will need to be embracing some form of workforce management software.  With decreasing margins, FM service providers have had to adapt their proposition to deliver enhanced efficiencies as clients seek suppliers that offer better value for money, digital innovations and accurate management information and analytics.

Ezitracker provides complete visibility of contract compliance. With real-time data, users can ensure that they are delivering to contract and getting the right team of staff in the right place to deliver the agreed service, on time and to expectation. Using the Ezitracker system, employers can compare actual hours worked against the contracted plan to provide evidence that service level agreements are being met to inform your monthly, quarterly or annual client reviews.

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