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Let’s face it, you’re going to like it - touchless access and thermal screening

We’ve recently expanded our biometric solution offering which now boasts touchless facial recognition technology and temperature monitoring for managing staff on site.

Introducing an update to the Ezitracker Biometric workforce management solution for clocking in and out of the workplace. The ‘touchless’ solution runs on a tablet permanently mounted on the wall or desk at the point of entry. When it sees a face, it compares it with known faces using facial recognition technology. If there is a match, it displays the matching name and profile picture. Employees simply press the confirmation button and continue - it's that easy! NoahFace powers the technology – an Australian app software provider and Ezitracker is the first in the UK to adopt their solution.

The system can operate either completely stand-alone or integrate with an existing workforce management or event management system.

Either way, an attendance summary report can be viewed or exported at any time from a Web browser. You can then drill down to view clipped photos of each individual event if needed.

Facial recognition is a biometric technology that uses unique facial features to identify a person. Facial recognition units have become more popular as there is no contact required, and the technology completely eliminates buddy punching. ​


Temperature Checking

The app also has a temperature screening capability by utilising a completely unmanned and touchless kiosk, designed for self-service. It includes an embedded iPad and state-of-the-art nano-optical sensor - providing reliability, security, and fast and accurate temperature measurements.

The temperature screening solution can be integrated with our Time and Attendance solutions, screening staff before they start work, screening staff before they enter secure workspaces and as a stand-alone, to test staff, visitor, or customer temperatures.

The technology is highly configurable, and the home screen can be customised with warning messages, graphical on-screen feedback, email alerts, and integrated hardware (eg: warning lights).

‍When used for employee-focused applications, it uses facial recognition technology to recognise individuals instantly. It automatically tracks individualised "normal" temperature ranges, making it far more accurate than solutions using a fixed temperature threshold.

In all cases, the captured events are stored securely in the Cloud, where they can be searched, viewed, and exported by authorised users.

As a leading solution partner supporting Facilities Management businesses in the day-to-day people management process, Ezitracker provides a comprehensive, yet modularised solution designed for the proactive monitoring of staff - wherever they are - they let you focus on service delivery and operational efficiencies.