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Time and attendance software for cleaning contractors

The cleaning industry provides work to approximately 950,000 people in the UK. Larger cleaning contractors employ high numbers of site-based, remote workers – which can sometimes run into the 1000s. Being able to keep track of your dispersed workforce can be contract critical, especially when proof of service provision is a top KPI from your own clients.

Implementing a time and attendance software system allowing you to verify and provide actual evidence of time spent at a client’s premises providing contracted cleaning services will determine how long you keep your foothold in this ever-evolving industry.

The cleaning sector is under increasing pressure to provide accountability for and safeguard remote workers. This, coupled with tighter service level agreements, means that ensuring that cleaning staff arrive on-site as planned is critical. Workforce management software enables operations managers to verify attendance in real-time and eliminates the need for paper timesheets and streamlines payroll reporting. A massive reduction in the administrative burden of paper timesheets can result in substantial savings in payroll processing including the elimination of time sheet fraud, reduction in payroll overpayments, discrepancies, disputes, and time spent on supervision.

Having full, real-time visibility of staff attendance and punctuality is key. Time and attendance data can be captured using either a landline / mobile telephone or another workforce monitoring device. The data is then sent in real-time, so Managers can get a clear picture of what staff are where, and when, receive immediate alerts for late arrivals, no-shows, and early leavers, and act fast to minimise service disruption.

A number of devices are available to manage remote worker time and attendance. Our Smartphone module EziMobile is a great solution for site workers who do not have access to a fixed line telephone to log their time and attendance. Staff log in and out of the client’s site by scanning a unique coded site tag, or QR code (permanently fixed at the client site) using their mobile or smartphone. Time and attendance information is sent instantly a monitoring system via the mobile network and automatically synchronises each time it’s connected.

Staff can access their rosters, send additional information and receive notifications of roster changes while they are on-site. It’s ideal for workers with frequently changing schedules or for those who need to record extra information about their site visits. If a mobile connection isn’t available, staff can still log in and out and view their schedules; and synchronisation and automatic updates will just start again as soon as the connection is restored.

Time and attendance software for cleaners helps with many health and safety and compliance issues; Working Time Directive compliance, ensuring remote workers are kept safe, and evidence that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are being met. The technology significantly reduces the potential for fraud and time-keeping disputes as it enables Payroll Managers to compare actual hours worked against planned hours, reducing the chance of over-payments.