Time and Attendance for Joss Group Facility Management (AUS)

Date: 12th Nov 2020

Joss Facility Management (Joss FM) provide Government and Private sector clients with a variety of Facility Management services. Their effective systems and advanced technology, combined with over 2500 employees, means they can provide impressive results for every one of their clients, time after time.

As leaders of the Facility Management industry throughout regional NSW and the ACT, Joss FM has the knowledge and experience to provide construction, cleaning and maintenance services to a wide variety of government and private clients and industries. They have a large network of subcontractors to manage the maintenance and directly employ all cleaning employees, ensuring expectations for a clean, safe and efficient working environment is achieved in a time and cost-effective manner.

Joss FM operate a 24-hour Call Centre, to assist our clients in emergency situations, this allows for professional assessment and immediate dispatch of the required after-hours service.  

To assist with the management of remote staff, Joss FM started using Ezitracker’s EziCall Time and Attendance solution in April 2019. This means employees, no matter which site they are on, can call into Ezitracker Service using a tollfree number to log attendance. More recently, they have started to roll out the EziMobile solution. Joss FM currently has 1650 users logging transactions with Ezitracker.

EziCall is our most-used solution and uses conventional landline technology. Each employee is issued a PIN during the onboarding process, each sites Calling Line Identifier (CLI) is stored against the site record. The Joss FM employees simply dial in using a toll-free number and then enters their PIN when prompted. Further prompts capture job or task-related information providing greater clarity of activity to support timesheet verification and to provide real time visibility to support an additional layer of safety monitoring on each site for those employees that work unsupervised on sites. Similarly, the EziMobile service works in the same way, but accessed via a smart phone via an app.

According to Jenny Ryan, Joss Group Contract Manager – Cleaning Operations

“We chose Ezitracker based on their time and attendance credentials. It seemed like a natural fit for our numerous, field-based employees that sits neatly within our own proven systems and technology for managing staff across many regions.”


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