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The changing role of commercial cleaning

If your cleaning or FM business was ready to grasp and scale technology to navigate your way out of covid, then you will already be adapting to the many changing requirements when it comes to the role of commercial cleaning.

The pandemic put many businesses to the test and quickly identified those unable to respond and drive forward and those with a clear path of succession. Technology fast became the front runner to lead operations. Despite many cleaning and FM companies who were notoriously behind in digital transformation, the industry quickly caught up with other sectors with the realisation that technology would be the savior to their business.

According to Cleanlink:

"Cleaning in a post-covid world has changed dramatically, the buzzword now is 'sanitise'. Organisations and employers have an essential duty to protect staff, clients, and customers, say the HSE – and cleaners are required to ensure this is provided.

Alongside new responsibilities are new tools, techniques, and technologies that cleaners must use. For example, disinfection and deep cleaning are no longer specialist services, but now standard for cleaning companies.

Clients are increasingly more demanding. They will want information and assurance that cleaning standards are maintained. Therefore, cleaning firms need to become better communicators, providing real-time information to all clients on the status of their services and contracts.

Cleaning companies can’t rely on a source of available labour. Instead, they must more effectively manage the staff they have. Other solutions include encouraging applications from a broader range of potential employees, offering more flexible solutions and in some cases, paying more."

For FM providers and cleaning contractors, to remain successful and profitable, cleaning businesses must recognise these challenges and react.

Your service offer must change to reflect the new demands of clients. In time, you may choose to review and refine your market offer, diversifying into new areas to remain relevant. You’ll need a strategic plan to ensure you have the staff available to complete all contracts. Behind the scenes, you’ll need to develop new back-office systems and solutions to improve communication with customers.

While the situation and circumstances may have changed the fundamentals of a successful cleaning business remain the same, delivering exceptional services for customers, but in an altered world.

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