SMEs to have easier access to government contracts

Date: 26th Feb 2019

Smaller businesses will be given easier access to government contracts as part of a £35 million promise to unlock more opportunities through a new SME Action Plan, Small Business Minister Kelly Tolhurst announced today (Wednesday March 6).  SME Action Plan unveiled by business department will unlock more opportunities for smaller businesses to bid for and win government contracts. 

The SME Action Plan sets out a commitment by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (the BEIS Group) that by 2022, at least £1 in every £3 government spends will be with smaller businesses and the BEIS Group will spend an extra £35 million with SMEs to level the playing field for SMEs bidding for government procurement contracts. BEIS and its partner agencies currently spend approximately £360 million a year on SMEs. To help smaller businesses find subcontracting work, the department will also ensure government’s larger suppliers advertise on their Contracts Finder site.

Small Business Minister Kelly Tolhurst said:

“The UK’s 5.7 million SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy, employing 16 million people and accounting for £1.9 trillion of turnover. They work hard, day in and day out, creating jobs, opportunities and greater choice for consumers and helping to keep the UK a great place to start and grow a business.”

The strategy looks to shape the right environment for business, invest in research, build a workforce with the right skills for industries of the future and seizing new trading opportunities after we leave the EU.  The government previously announced that it is to launch a £12bn tender for cleaning and maintenance services at schools, hospitals and in other public buildings. SMEs within the FM sector will hugely benefit from using remote workforce management software when it comes to tendering to win more of these public sector contracts.

Christian Berenger, Managing Director of Ezitracker workforce technology commented:

"The cleaning market is set to grow exponentially, and we have no doubt that further technological advances will be developed to disrupt and transform the sector.  The digital work world that we live in has meant that the FM and cleaning environment has become highly competitive. With decreasing margins, FM service providers have had to adapt their proposition to deliver enhanced efficiencies as clients seek suppliers that offer better value for money, digital innovations and accurate management information and analytics. Even the smallest cleaning company, which may feel that in-depth analytics are not needed, can benefit from reduced paperwork, and the ability to run finances and cleaning contracts digitally. Ezitracker technology enables employers of large and small workforces such as cleaners and maintenance workers to reduce absenteeism, lower costs via automation, and increase productivity and efficiencies."

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