Smart tech essential to boost employee confidence

Date: 08th Oct 2020

As much as many might like to return to a pre-COVID-19 world, adopting a sensitive approach to re-occupying our buildings, whether that involves adopting smart tech or not, is essential.

Making demonstrable and quantitative changes to the cleaning management of buildings, and communicating that to the people using that building, is the best way to begin your roadmap to reoccupation.

An understanding of the legitimacy of the worry that people are experiencing and an appreciation of hygiene anxiety as a real issue, will be just as much part of the facilities management team’s agenda as it is for human resources.

At Ezitracker, we fully expect that the concept of ‘smart facilities management’ will quickly become the standard and transform all cleaning and Soft FM businesses from reactive to proactive and predictive. To do that, we must embrace the latest digital technology.

Ezitracker has a simple ethos - To provide a single solution that tracks the employee lifecycle from Onboarding to Offboarding and everything in between.

Our journey started with PIN to PAY, but the lifecycle is broader than attendance tracking to payroll, its starts before attendance, effectively onboarding an employee provides assurance to the employee and instils confidence.

"Innovation is the central focus to Ezitracker’s product roadmap and with many clients wanting a single smart technology solution to provide all the business critical elements of their FM/Cleaning business. This is the exactly what we strive for!"

Our EziHub provides a central platform for all the Ezitracker modules with data dynamically synchronising between modules. Our aim is to be provide a solution that gives drives engagement, well being, retention, productivity and profitability and more…

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