Is your cleaning company ready for post-lockdown measures?

Date: 25th May 2020

As the UK government lays out plans to reduce current lockdown restrictions, many companies will be starting to make tracks and decide on appropriate measures to put in place to ensure their workplaces reopen safely. Top of the agenda will be sanitising building premises and instilling more rigorous and regular cleaning regimes. 

For offices to reopen and the economy to be kick started, we must ensure industry work forces are provided with a safe and clean places of work. Social-distancing will continue for some time, so business premises will be rethinking their layouts and footfall in order to keep their staff safe.

With health and safety the most pressing concern for employees returning to their place of work, business leaders will need to check that everything is in order before opening their doors.

Before the return, research will need to be carried out to establish where it is possible to apply social distancing. Systems will also change for lunch routines, how bathrooms and kitchens will be used by a large workforce, what happens when there's a shift change and how communal spaces/meeting rooms will be kept clean.

Deborah Wilder, Head of Workplace Research & Strategy, said: 

“This is about connecting people again and reassuring them that you have their best interests at heart. Involving your employees in the process will help them feel more comfortable about returning to the workplace and will promote a culture of trust and collaboration.”

As well as changing the hours, or staggering shifts for employees, there will also have to be huge changes applied around cleaning of premises. Most notably, increasing the frequency of general cleaning will be paramount, as well as the introduction of PPE for all employees who require it. Deep cleaning will be required to be increased as standard, with regular disinfecting of shared areas. High traffic contact zones, such as handles, bathrooms, desks and chairs will need wiping down with an antibacterial cleaner frequently throughout the day.

The cleaning sector will play an integral role in getting workplaces ready for the post-lockdown return to work and then for ongoing 'new normal' cleaning regimes.  One thing's for sure, if you never saw your office cleaners prior to the pandemic, you will definitely see them as the commerce cogs start to turn. They will be in high demand at all hours of the day and night.

EziTalent a flexible solution through an app-based temporary ‘Labour as a service’ staffing solution within the security, FM and cleaning sectors. It allows workers to find flexible temporary work opportunities with large corporates operating in traditional, regulated industries.

The solution uses data and automation to solve complex tasks that large traditional labour providers handle on a day-to-day basis. Key tasks such as payroll management, background checking and license checking, company-worker matching and performance management are automated for both companies and employees seeking permanent and temporary contracts. 

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