Is Data Driven Contract Cleaning the key to growth?

Date: 05th Sep 2019

In March we featured the Contract Cleaning Market Report from Analyst MTW which forecasted more than £450 million growth for the contract cleaning market in the next few years. Around 80% of cleaning contractors continue to report healthy financials, though the number of businesses at risk of failing has risen in the last 12 months.


Enhanced ‘data driven cleaning’ was expected to be a key differentiation tactic and boost productivity. We are noticing that ‘enhanced ‘data driven cleaning’ is in fact, a powerful key tactic to differentiate cleaning service offerings. The companies embracing digital are starting to challenge the traditional soft FM business models. This rings true for us as we see an upturn in demand for our workforce management technology in this sector. The cleaning market is growing exponentially, and we have no doubt that further technological advances will be developed to disrupt and transform the sector. IoT connected devices, 5G and software developments have driven innovation in contract cleaning and cleaning contractors of all sizes are benefitting from reduced paperwork and the ability to run their finances and cleaning contracts digitally. 

Our technology enables employers of large and small workforces of cleaners and maintenance workers to reduce absenteeism, lower costs via automation, and increase productivity and efficiencies. 

Find out how you can transform your cleaning business with data-driven technology by booking a demo with Ezitracker.

Download: A Cleaning Contractor’s Guide to Workforce Management Technology here.


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