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Steps your organisation can take to reduce financial stress in the workplace

If your employees are experiencing poor financial wellbeing it’s very likely they won’t be performing their best at work.  It’s also very likely that they won’t talk to you about them, keeping their concerns to themselves. We know that talking about money is a good starting point to improving financial wellbeing.  But how do you start the conversation? 

Our financial wellbeing survey can help you get a better understanding of your employees' financial wellbeing.  It can be used as the basis for a financial wellbeing strategy and to start conversations with your employees. 

We’ve made the process easy and manage it all on your behalf. The survey is quick and easy to complete and should take no longer than 5-10 minutes. 

All responses are anonymous and cannot be traced back to any individual employee. 

We produce a report summarising results, analysing your employees' wellbeing, and highlighting any concerns or areas that may need addressing. 

The report is yours to keep and can be used to develop a financial wellbeing strategy, or even measure the impact of one that’s already in place.