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Ezitracker supports ‘Thank your cleaner day’ 2022

Cleaning and hygiene services are vital for our welfare and key to reducing the risk of infection from seasonal flus and indeed the covid virus, so it’s no surprise that the annual ‘Thank your cleaner day’ is prominent on the calendar as we praise the cleaning workforce here in the UK and across the globe.

In the last two years, cleaners gained keyworker status whilst they fought covid on the front line during the height of the pandemic. On the 19th of October companies from the cleaning industry will unite alongside the initiative founders Kärcher to praise our cleaners and offer greater appreciation for the essential work they do.

The initiative demonstrates gratitude and acknowledges the hard work cleaners deliver, whether in a factory, office building, or school.

‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’ originated in New Zealand eight years ago when the local trade organisation for Building Services Contractors (BSCNZ) worked with Kärcher to recognise the unsung heroes of the cleaning industry. Over 40 countries now take part across the world, from Australia to the Dominican Republic, from the USA to the UK.

Richard Onions, Ezitracker Customer Success Manager said:

“It’s important we recognise the achievements of the cleaning industry as we navigate our way out of a pandemic. Although this initiative focuses on just a single day, here at Ezitracker, we praise all the companies who have acted and then diversified their services to create safer environments for people to live and work.  

Cleaning is now 24hrs/365days a year, with hours and working practices fundamentally changed. Standard cleaning now means sanitising, disinfecting, and deep-cleaning premises to deliver SLAs to building owners. Employers have an essential duty to protect staff, clients, and customers. It is the cleaners who are required to ensure this is achieved on a daily basis.”

The work of professional cleaners is an essential component in the fight against pathogens such as the coronavirus, which deserves our recognition.

With local partners from the participating countries, Kärcher wants us to stand together and take the opportunity to thank the people who keep workplaces and public buildings clean, safe, and hygienic. On this day, October 19th 2022, office workers can let their cleaning staff know they recognise and value their work.

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