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Ezitracker team continues to grow

This month we welcomed Chris Taylor back into the Ezitracker team when he was appointed as a new Business Development Manager for workforce management solutions. Here, we caught up with him to find out a little more about him.

5 minutes with Chris Taylor, Business Development Manager, Ezitracker...

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career background

Having got my degree in Business and Law many moons ago, I set my eyes on becoming a solicitor, whilst working in the steel industry. However, the bright lights of working in Sales led me to focus fully on progressing in a sales career. I eventually moved on to Software, and my first stop was Ezitracker, working in the healthcare software team. I quickly progressed and became multifaceted, working in healthcare and facilities management. Always full of ambition, I pursued a more senior role in a family-run healthcare software business and even took up a role as head of sales at a facilities management business before finding my way back to software and back to Ezitracker!

What are your core responsibilities/main role at Ezitracker?

I think first and foremost, the aim is to build upon the sales engine at Ezitracker, so my job first and foremost is to focus on some quick business wins, and pursue some noteworthy names for our customer list! 

What impact are you hoping to make within Ezitracker over the next 12 months?

During the next 12 months, I hope to bring in plenty of revenue so that we can further grow our sales team to cover multiple industries and regions, and hopefully become a senior face within that team!

What do think are the key benefits of Workforce Management Technology for Ezitracker’s customers?

The key benefits of workforce management technology vary from client to client, for example, some businesses may have issues with lone workers, Ezitracker will help protect lone workers at remote sites with lone worker alerts and workflows. Some businesses will have “improving admin efficiency” as a key goal, and require Ezitracker to reduce the flow of paper and time spent on admin within their business. Other businesses may want to provide better customer service by giving proof of service delivery to their clients and some will want to encompass all of the above and we can do that!

Why do organisations choose Ezitracker over their competitors?

Ezitracker has a long history in the workforce management technology space with proof of results, whether that’s by length of service, PR or just the names we work with, we can provide clients with a proven, robust and diverse solution, with huge future plans for our product suite and of course sales people who know all the client's pain points.

Why do you think workforce management technology enables companies to make better business decisions?

I think as I alluded to in a previous question, it will help improve efficiency, health & safety, and client retention, outside of these improvements, the data that will be available via Ezitracker will also allow you to improve decision making. Whether that data is around service delivery decision making, HR & onboarding, health & safety, contract management, or even forecasting finance. All of these factors will ultimately allow smaller businesses to grow quickly, and larger businesses to improve month on month and year on year with our solutions.