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Do you provide financial wellness support to your workers?

Financial stress can be a distraction at work for employees, and many employers recognise the direct impact it can have on productivity and engagement.

The method and frequency of how people are paid can have considerable impact on how they manage their finances and how they approach their daily duties. Financial stress can be a distraction at work for employees, and many employers recognise the direct impact it can have on productivity and engagement.

By streamlining payroll processes and adopting intuitive cloud-based management technology in your FM or cleaning company can be a two-fold initiative; meaning both the employer and the worker get to realise the benefits. With many systems already under pressure, payroll is a drain on administration and often takes several days to complete. 

Providing your employees with a portal, wallet or app that easily shows them things like wage slips, money transfers, PAYE, requests for draw-downs means they are in control and responsible for their financial well-being and financial visibility. As a business, you will benefit the rewards that automation brings and will quickly realise the value that cloud-based systems can bring to your company.

EziAdvance makes it easy for employees to manage their money in between paydays, by providing each employee to draw down a share of their wages as they work,so they can monitor their earnings, save and avoid falling into the 'Pay Day Loan' trap.

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