Cleaning providers and accountability in the post-Covid era

Date: 25th Jun 2020

With the recent announcements on easing of lockdown, facilities that are set to re-open are going to require more frequent, deeper cleans and stricter new cleaning procedures. Cleaning providers will have to become more accountable and provide evidence-based reporting and this is going to involve effective management of technology and people.

In real terms, we are expecting a significant shift in the way that people work in conventional white-collar office spaces. We are predicting a change in contracting terms because of social distancing measures that are likely to be in force for some time; and a broader awareness of hygiene standards and cleaning regimes. With more people working from home, there will be a knock-on effect with the amount of people, cleaners required, but also opportunities to increase the frequency of cleans across multiple clients’ sites.

A shift to more flexible working will involve cleaners working across more sites than ever before. Time and Attendance technology and integrated workforce management technology will facilitate this change. Employers will need to prove to employees that extra measures are in place to keep them safe as they return to work and cleaning contractors employing remote workforces will have a greater need to provide detailed evidence of contract compliance and service provision.

The ability to provide granular, relevant site-based information to employees that can be displayed on arrival and departure at the workplace, with the added benefit of being able to provide live data that they can report on (Surveys etc) – all of which adds to the immediacy to any operational health based issues that they are required to report on.

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