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Businesses face enormous staffing challenges as new year gets underway

The combined effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit has created a skills gap, with the scale of staffing lost from many sectors not likely to become fully apparent for some time. As steps are made to recover from both, the construction and hospitality sectors are expected to lead the road to recovery.

To keep pace with current construction demand, and account for attrition, 740,000 new construction workers are needed each year for the next three years, according to a report by the Home Builders Institute. The trade body, UKHospitality, predicts that nearly 190,000 hospitality workers will be needed to boost the sector in the post-pandemic boom. So, what can contractors and operators do to minimise the threat to their business caused by this staffing crisis?

The key areas that we need to focus on are firstly attracting candidates, recruiting/onboarding, training, and then retaining (keep hold of that talent!). Whilst at the same time businesses must look at their operations so they can be agile to deal with whatever is thrown at them next. During the first wave of Covid, companies who lagged behind in terms of digital transformation, with legacy or no software in place, have faced major operational hurdles to keep their heads above water.

Workforce management has never been so important. If your business employees 'deskless' workers, working across a number of sites on a shift basis or even temporary workers, then it's vital that you make the rostering and scheduling of those staff as seamless as possible so they know exactly when and where they are working and number of paid hours. During these uncertain times, most of us are seeking security especially in the workplace, employee support and engagement should be the umbrella that spans across the management of rotas and payroll. We have to retain these valuable individuals once they are recruited. Using an app-based workforce management tool provides both the employee and the employer with the necessary lifeline to effectively manage, support, and communicate on a real-time basis to keep sites operational, morale high, and businesses afloat.

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