BIFM publishes new guidance on The Internet of Things

Date: 09th Jul 2018

The Internet of Things is defined as a network of physical devices and objects embedded with electrics, software, sensors and network connectivity which enable the collection and sharing of data, as well as communication with one another.

The Guidance Note details the four distinct layers which make up the Internet of Things, and which enable an increased understanding in real-time of what is happening throughout every aspect and component of a building and its operation - providing valuable contextual data for analytical purposes. In addition, the Guidance Note also offers practical examples of the implementation of IoT in FM and explores additional areas such as security and data management.

Commenting on the new IoT Guidance Note, BIFM Head of Research and Insights, Peter Brogan said;

“The Internet of Things is changing businesses and leading to a digital disruption and data explosion. The opportunity that technology presents to change the way FM works is huge, but it will have to be leveraged by skilled and knowledgeable professionals who understand how best to facilitate the convergence of people, place and process for their business.”

Harry Mylonadis of Engie, Chair of BIFM’s IoT Technology Working group added;

“Internet of Things; if you’ve been to any discussion about technology in FM you will have heard this term. But what does it really mean? This Guidance Note demystifies the technology and busts any jargon around it. Devote a few minutes to learn how you can apply this exciting technology and of the eventual risks.”

Access the Guidance Note on The Internet of Things for Facilities Management here

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