ANZ Customer Survey – the results are in! take a look at the actions…

Date: 10th Nov 2020

We want to take the opportunity to say a huge “Thank You” to all of our customers who took part in our customer satisfaction survey across the ANZ region.

We had a total of 46 Respondents across our customer base which is a very high response rate.

The purpose of carrying out the survey is two-fold: To gauge customer feedback and then act upon the findings to continually challenge ourselves and our products

Survey Objectives can be broken down as follows:-

  • To measure the quality of our service
  • To see how we can engage better with our customers around our products
  • To arm our employees with customer insight

1. We want to measure our quality of service.

Any company is only as good as the service it provides to their customers. We don’t want you to be the person on the phone waiting for 15 – 30 minutes for your call to be answered, or even worse, listening to a pre-recorded message. Here at Ezitracker, we pride ourselves in the fact that we have a great “Support Team” that directly deals with our customers over the phone or via email with a SLA of 2hr first response, a target we meet daily.

2. We want to see how we can engage better with our customers around our products.

One aspect is to look at surveys results as a “grade” or evaluation of performance.  That’s definitely one part of the survey, but an even more powerful feature of a customer satisfaction survey is that it opens up a dialogue around developing new products and services. We are aiming to take this most recent feedback and expand on it to engage with our customers around our Product Roadmap even more.

We want to embark on a journey that will include more client visits and roadshows to hear what you our customers want to see in the Ezitracker product solutions. Keep an eye out for the ‘team in blue’ coming to visit you very soon!

3. We want to arm our employees with customer insights

Our employees can really benefit from seeing the results of our customer survey results. By sharing these results, good and bad! Employees can understand the mindset of our customers, give them insight and engage with them to get their input and alignment with what the customers are expecting in our products. This will allow our employees to engage more with the business and give them a deeper understanding on how to improve our products  - all based on our customer feedback.

Now for a high level overview of the results

Approximately 80% of the Customers have been part of the Ezitracker Family for more 2 years or longer. Now what is the reason for this you might ask ?

Customer service and Support

From the results it shows that our customers feel that our support team are quick to respond and resolve any issues they might have with 94% of them feeling that the team exceeds or meets their expectation.

Product Insight

It was highlighted in the results that we can do more to Engage with our customers around the product with approximately with 53% of the respondents feeling they have enough insight into our product roadmap, 24% feeling they have insight but would want more and 23% having little to no insight

Product Solution Quality & Accuracy

Although all our customers don’t have full insight into our product they do feel that the product is fit for their business and the quality is accurate, which is truly great as when the visibility on the product roadmap is increased, we are sure to bring our customers on our product journey even more.


Now that we have analysed the results, we can draw from the fact that customer retention is good, the products serve the needs of their businesses, and that further communication and engagement between Ezitracker and their customers will help to improve the overall client relationship, whilst developing products that sit neatly with customer expectations and requirements.



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