A workforce management system that goes beyond time and attendance monitoring

Date: 24th Aug 2020

Your workforce is your greatest asset but also your largest overhead. Managing a large, dispersed workforce can be a huge challenge, with customers now requiring more robust service level agreements and evidencing service delivery. Knowing your staff are on-site as planned can be critical. 

Most cleaning contractors are involved with all stages of the employee lifecycle recruitment, onboarding, development, retention and exit. Multiply this by the number of employees you process, and the day-to-day people management process is a complex task. By integrating automation, analysing data and embracing cloud-based information intelligence, efficiency and productivity measuring and monitoring can get a whole lot easier. It’s entirely possible to move away from stacks of paper and an overflowing inbox.

A good workforce management system goes beyond just time and attendance monitoring. It will take care of the data and analytics, allowing managers to measure employee experiences at every stage of the employee lifecycle and establish benchmarks to measure future performance. By collecting this data automatically and real-time, managers can identify non-performers and those with low engagement issues at each step of the employee journey.

To download A Cleaning Contractor’s Guide to Workforce Management Technology - Click Here

Employee Lifecycle

We start at the beginning of your employee’s journey with real-time field based onboarding, your new employee is welcomed to the business and key departments are alerted of a new recruit.

Effective Scheduling

Manage your workforce by geographical availability, personal availability and site/contract based skill sets, whilst reducing absence and enabling work life balance.

Proactive Attendance

Using SMS/Email alerts proactively remind your staff of upcoming shifts or hourly check calls whilst also receiving alerts for lateness, no show, early departure or lone worker health and safety.

Data Capture & Connectivity

Irrespective of environment we can provide a cost effective method of data capture from conventional landline, SIM Phones, Mobile App, SMS Text, Biometrics or Self Service tablets.

Streamline back office administration

Simplify administration with automatic schedule approvals allowing managers and payroll to manage by exception with hierarchical views and approval workflows.

Discover how this technology can impact your cleaning business for the better from onboarding to payroll and everything in between. 

Evolving from a facilities management and contract cleaning heritage, Ezitracker understands the complex issues that arise when managing the time and attendance of remote teams. Ezitracker provides real-time information from a powerful platform allowing you to effectively manage your workforce all from one single digital Hub.

To download A Cleaning Contractor’s Guide to Workforce Management Technology - Click Here

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