71% of firms admit failure to act on preventing sickness absence

Date: 15th Nov 2018

According to new research from the CBI, every day last year that someone was absent from work due to ill health cost UK companies on average £720.

Firms must better prioritise the health and well-being of their staff because the average number of days lost to ill health per employee is 5.2 days a year, according to survey analysis by the CBI, in partnership with Bupa and HCA Healthcare.

In a new guide, Front of mind: Prioritising workplace health & wellbeing, 347 businesses – employing nearly 1.7 million people - of all sizes across the UK were surveyed or interviewed to understand what steps they are taking to improve workplace health & wellbeing.

The survey found that companies are motivated to play a greater role supporting people, with 63% seeing workplace health & wellbeing an important business issue. 52% of business leaders are recognising the need to focus on prevention, not just the cure. Yet worryingly, 71% of firms say they are finding it hard to take practical action because they are not clear on what works and can’t see the benefits for others that have invested.

To support the thousands of firms seeking to improve health & wellbeing for their employees, Front of mind includes case studies from companies demonstrating good practice and makes recommendations including:

·       Making health & wellbeing a leadership priority and training line managers to support their teams effectively

·       Creating a culture where physical & mental health have equal focus - raising awareness of what poor mental health looks like, the techniques to help improve it and encouraging staff to have open conversations

·       Target action on early interventions by offering fast and confidential access to treatment through health insurance where possible to minimise the time that employees take as sick leave and using technology to promote health & wellbeing.

Matthew Fell, CBI Chief UK Policy Director, said:

“People spend on average 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, so businesses should prioritise and promote health & wellbeing in their workplaces. Companies perform better when their staff are happier, healthier and more engaged. There are great examples of firms leading the way, but we’ve also found that most businesses don’t yet know how to realise the full potential of taking action.”


Christian Berenger, Managing Director of Ezitracker workforce technology commented:

“It’s time for employers to place workplace health & wellbeing front of mind. There is increasing evidence that healthy, happy and engaged staff improve company performance, so proactively managing and supporting their health and wellbeing is big issue.  Technology can help employers analyse the scope of the problem at the touch of a button and communicate with workers on a daily basis. This information can then be used to develop an integrated and effective health & wellbeing strategy.”

EziAnalytics is an advanced business intelligence tool that gives you the power to analyse all your business information in active-time, from a simple dynamic dashboard.

With minimal training, you can use the informative dashboards which provide graphical representations of key management information, such as absenteeism, sickness duration and productivity to make informed decisions to proactively manage your workforce and your business performance.

The easy-to-use interface and logical step-by step functionality allows you to:

•          create ad-hoc reports

•          filter search results to only interrogate the data you really need

•          spot trends in planned versus actual service delivery

•          import data from other sources, including Microsoft Office and leading scheduling and payroll systems

•          analyse location data by postcode

•          publish dashboard reports and share them for colleagues and / or clients to view and comment on.

EziAnalytics includes powerful security features to ensure that any information analysed and presented is secure, with full permission-based access.

The technology enables employers of large remote workforces such as cleaners and maintenance workers to reduce absenteeism, lower costs via automation, and increase productivity.

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