easy access for any environment

Location and environment shouldn’t be a barrier to effective data capture, our multiple methods of data capture make it Ezi!

It's just too Ezi!


Our most used service using conventional landline technology. Each employee is issued a PIN during the onboarding process, each sites Calling Line Identifier (CLI) is stored against the site record. Your employee simply dials in using a 0800 Freephone number and enters their PIN when prompted.

Its that simple! Further prompts can capture job or task related information providing greater clarity of activity to support pay or invoicing.

If a landline isn’t available we can quickly and simply deploy a SIM enabled GPRS desk phone which only dials Ezitracker. Data is captured and stored in the exact same way.

There’s no excuse!


Where a landline isn’t available, and margins are too tight to deploy a SIM phone or EziBio device, your employee  can simply SMS text Ezitracker

How do we know where they are you say? – We supply you with an EziText device which is located at your clients site – your employee simply enters the uniquely generated PIN from the EziText token and SMS’s Ezitracker using a free short code text number.

Our unique algorithm identifies the location of the device and validates the unique code sent. The incoming  mobile CLI identifies the employee and its time and date stamped – we now have all the information we require.

Alternatively, using the EziMobile App – you can enter the unique code via the app and have the location geo-fenced. 

Power to the People!


These days, most people have a smartphone, using our free to download app we empower your people!

As standard we empower you people by allowing registration using RFID, NFC tags or QR codes. Employees can view upcoming rosters and receive live roster updates, employees can send and receive in app messages, view timesheets and log expenses.

Our Google mapping integration provides employees optimised routes between locations and provides geo-fenced alerting ensuring your workforce are where they say they are.

EziMobile can extend out to allow onsite auditing thereby providing valuable activity insights and KPI information for you and your clients

Go on, Self serve!


Biometrics are all too often seen as a ‘big brother’ tool and whilst they do prevent ‘buddy punching’ biometrics are now common place in many aspects of our lives.

With the emergence of low cost touch screen devices the best elements of conventional hardware  are merged with employee engagement tools, our Biometric devices not only allow attendance information but allow employees to access their own EziEngage portal where personnel details can be updated, holiday entitlements and requests can be made as well as sending and receiving messages.

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