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Ezitracker is a powerful platform allowing you to effectively manage your workforce, coming from a facilities management and contract cleaning heritage we understand the diversity and everchanging playing field and need to have changes of information available and distributed to your workforce in real time no matter what sector you operate in.

With this in mind over the past 20 years, Ezitracker now part of the HAS technology Group has built a flexible platform that can be quickly deployed. In recent years with the changing focus of most industries Ezitracker has adapted its solutions to ensure employee engagement and well being, resulting in staff loyalty, retention, efficiency and increased productivity and of course profitability….

Our Mission

Ezitracker has a simple ethos - To provide a single solution that tracks the employee lifecycle from Onboarding to Offboarding and everything in between.

Our journey started with PIN to PAY, but the lifecycle is broader than attendance tracking to payroll, its starts before attendance, effectively onboarding an employee provides assurance to the employee that they’ve made a good career decision.

User experience is key to our innovation and product roadmap, our aim is to design a solution where instinctively you know what to do!


‘Innovation is the only way to win’ – Steve Jobs

Innovation is the central focus to Ezitracker’s product roadmap  and with many clients wanting a single solution to provide all the business critical elements of their business this is the exactly what we strive for!

Our EziHub provides a central platform for all the Ezitracker modules with data dynamically synchronising between modules. Our aim is to be provide a solution that gives drives engagement, well being, retention, productivity and profitability and more…

Ezitracker’s and the HAS technology Groups global reach allows us to think innovatively. By having visibility of many geographies and cultures we can take best of breed concepts and develop and support 24/7.

Through account management we constantly hear our clients being asked for Innovation in the product and service they offer – we work with our clients to deliver collaborative innovation whether that be product or service driven.

The HAS Group

HAS Technology Group provides patented, workforce management solutions to the Health and Social Care, Facilities Management, Commercial Cleaning, Security and Temporary Workforce sectors. However our software can be used in any industry sector where workforce management services are required.

The Group’s comprehensive portfolio of award winning products is used to deliver efficiencies, increase service quality and safeguard remote workers.

Group Companies currently provide software solutions and related services to more than 70 Government agencies and over 1000 private and third sector organisations around the world. HAS Technology Group is headquartered in Sutton Coldfield UK with offices in Tauranga New Zealand and Melbourne Australia and Tampa United States.

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