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Oldham Council

Oldham Council

With a background that appointed care providers were paid on the basis of commissioned and not actual delivered care, Oldham Council had made the decision to adopt electronic care monitoring (ECM) to verify service delivery, gain efficiency savings and benefit from greater knowledge of how individual providers performed. After evaluating alternative systems, Oldham chose an integrated solution from Ezitracker. With an extended period of use the council has seen greatly enhanced management control of domiciliary care, with major improvements in both care efficiency and service delivery along with important savings to the care budget.

Oldham Council

Implementation was rolled out in two phases - phase one commencing in January 2014 with six of the largest providers. Phase two saw another 11 providers come on board and now only a few smaller providers are not involved in the monitoring programme.

Inevitably there was some initial opposition to adopting ECM from providers: “This was to be expected as it meant a significant change to their working practices, and change of any nature can always meet some resistance. However most of the providers saw the bigger picture and appreciated that the council recognised the value of implementing such a system to get better value for money and better outcomes for the people receiving the care. They understood that payments needed to be made based on actual delivery and not just commissioned levels”, commented Michelle Hope, Planning and Commissioning Manager at Oldham Council.

In common with care providers up and down the country, with use they soon discovered that Ezitracker helped improve their own management procedures, streamlining processes and providing greater insight into how each member of their staff was performing.

Michelle adds, “Having used Ezitracker for a while our providers are now fully supportive - they recognise and value the benefits to us and indeed to themselves. It is still early days but we are already getting better value for money and seeing an improvement in outcomes from our home care provision.”

Oldham has been pleased with the smooth and largely trouble-free way that Ezitracker integrated with in-house systems. It has also given the council far more knowledge of how care is delivered by individual providers with in-depth and detailed analysis now immediately available across a whole host of key delivery benchmarks. Manually based procedures such as timesheets have been eliminated, payment arbitration issues greatly improved and care scheduling made much easier and more efficient.

Benefits outcome

Effective integration of providers’ ECM systems with the council’s back office functions and systems with payments to providers now fully automated resulting in efficiency savings.
Measurably slicker and more reliable back office functions resulting in timely payments and receipt of contributions from customers.
Improved customer and provider communications and relationships measured by positive customer feedback and satisfaction.
Better value for money in care delivery operations and market management.
Actual significant savings to the care budget resulting from the successful implementation of Ezitracker.