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Newport City Council

Newport City Council

Newport City Council

Newport City Council’s in-house homecare service had made the decision to take steps to achieve improved levels of service and efficiency, and part of this was the need for a more effective rostering system capable of optimising the deployment of their care staff. After extensive evaluation they chose a packaged solution from Ezitracker. As a result the council have since seen a transformation in the management control of domiciliary care, with significant improvements in care efficiency and service delivery.

The vast majority of the Newport’s homecare budget is outsourced to independent care providers, with additional support from the council’s own in-house team. Newport had been one of the first councils in Wales to introduce care monitoring but the initial system used had proved unreliable and the rostering element unfit for the task. The management team were committed to increasing the quality and efficiency of their service and it was clear they could only do this with a better system.

After evaluating all the leading monitoring suppliers and taking advice from existing customers the council opted for Ezitracker. Carol Lillie, Senior Locality Manager, comments, “Given our previous experience it was absolutely vital that we chose a supplier with a proven record of reliability and stability. From our assessment Ezitracker clearly stood out from the other leading systems and we had little hesitation in selecting it.

“Ezitracker has now transformed the management control of our homecare service and given us the ability to ensure that we are delivering our service as planned. With so many remote working staff out there, it has proved invaluable and of course we now have the additional safeguard afforded by Ezitracker to our lone-working carers.”

Benefits outcome

Improved service delivery from in‐house team with real-time attendance reports and “no-show” alerts, giving supervisors the opportunity to address any service breakdown immediately before a potential crisis occurs.
Cost savings as a result of significant savings in time and money spent processing paper timesheets.
Substantial reduction in queries from service users for care not delivered. Visibility of login process has aided acceptance of verified billing. When necessary, attendance reports are scrutinised and accepted.
The Ezitracker voice messaging has made a huge difference to communication with remote working care staff, ensuring valuable office time is not wasted trying to get through to community based care workers who otherwise might be difficult to get hold of.
The Ezitracker rostering system has provided a major improvement in the efficiency of the deployment of care worker resources, transforming the council’s ability to effectively manage staff hours.