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A leading social enterprise in the North West of England, Local Solutions have a proven track record of improving the quality of life for vulnerable and excluded people in the region, with 75% of the organisation’s turnover coming from domiciliary care services. Their 900 community care workers deliver over 22,000 hours of commissioned homecare per week to seven local authorities in the Merseyside and Greater Manchester region. Local Solutions made a strategic decision to introduce Ezitracker with three key objectives in mind: improving service delivery, increasing operational efficiency and safeguarding the organisation’s lone working community care workers.

Prior to its implementation, the problems faced by Local Solutions were typical of many providers of homecare services: the practical difficulties of managing a large team of care staff who predominately worked alone with minimal supervision and the constant need to improve service levels and increase efficiencies in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Following a competitive tender process for an Electronic Care Management (ECM) service, Local Solutions opted for Ezitracker even through it was not the lowest quote - it simply had a superior range of features and functions.

“Since we’ve implemented Ezitracker we’ve near enough doubled in size. We’ve doubled our provision for existing commissioners and added three new authorities. Without Ezitracker it would not have been possible to take on the volume of work or achieve our growth in recent years.” John O’Toole, Finance Manager, Local Solutions.

Benefits outcome

The capability to see in real-time that domiciliary care has been delivered and on the rare occasion when there is a service breakdown having it immediately flagged has allowed for instant remedial action to be taken.
Huge improvement in the efficiency of the organisation’s processes, resulting in significant cost savings.
More efficient planning and allocation of care worker resources, with more productive work patterns and visit cycles.
Attendance verification has reduced the back office time spent on timesheet processing, whilst automated reports have led to a substantial reduction in time spent on payroll preparation and invoice queries.
The additional safeguarding facility afforded to lone working care workers, which is greatly appreciated by Local Solution’s staff.
In addition to satisfying local authority ECM contractual requirements, it has proved an invaluable sales tool when Local Solutions have bid for tenders where monitoring is not actually stipulated.