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For each client case study please click on 'Read More' for the full story. Each one concludes with the key financial and other benefits that the client has now gained from using Ezitracker.

Oldham Council

Oldham Council  🇬🇧

With a background that appointed care providers were paid on the basis of commissioned and not actual delivered care, Oldham Council had made the decision to adopt electronic care monitoring (ECM) to verify service delivery, gain efficiency savings and benefit from greater knowledge of how individual providers performed. After evaluating alternative systems, Oldham chose an integrated solution from Ezitracker. With an extended period of use the council has seen greatly enhanced management control of domiciliary care, with major improvements in both care efficiency and service delivery along with important savings to the care budget.

Oldham Council

Implementation was rolled out in two phases - phase one commencing in January 2014 with six of the largest providers. Phase two saw another 11 providers come on board and now only a few smaller providers are not involved in the monitoring programme.

Inevitably there was some initial opposition to adopting ECM from providers: “This was to be expected as it meant a significant change to their working practices, and change of any nature can always meet some resistance. However most of the providers saw the bigger picture and appreciated that the council recognised the value of implementing such a system to get better value for money and better outcomes for the people receiving the care. They understood that payments needed to be made based on actual delivery and not just commissioned levels”, commented Michelle Hope, Planning and Commissioning Manager at Oldham Council.

In common with care providers up and down the country, with use they soon discovered that Ezitracker helped improve their own management procedures, streamlining processes and providing greater insight into how each member of their staff was performing.

Michelle adds, “Having used Ezitracker for a while our providers are now fully supportive - they recognise and value the benefits to us and indeed to themselves. It is still early days but we are already getting better value for money and seeing an improvement in outcomes from our home care provision.”

Oldham has been pleased with the smooth and largely trouble-free way that Ezitracker integrated with in-house systems. It has also given the council far more knowledge of how care is delivered by individual providers with in-depth and detailed analysis now immediately available across a whole host of key delivery benchmarks. Manually based procedures such as timesheets have been eliminated, payment arbitration issues greatly improved and care scheduling made much easier and more efficient.

Benefits outcome

Effective integration of providers’ ECM systems with the council’s back office functions and systems with payments to providers now fully automated resulting in efficiency savings.
Measurably slicker and more reliable back office functions resulting in timely payments and receipt of contributions from customers.
Improved customer and provider communications and relationships measured by positive customer feedback and satisfaction.
Better value for money in care delivery operations and market management.
Actual significant savings to the care budget resulting from the successful implementation of Ezitracker.

Southern Grampians Shire Home & Community Care

Southern Grampians Shire Home & Community Care  🇳🇿

Located in the Western District of Victoria, Australia; Southern Grampians Shire HACC provide home and community services to qualified residents. Already capturing data at point of care using Ezitracker’s workforce monitoring telephony service, they were keen to access the additional benefits that come with using smart mobile phone technology.

“We needed an easier way to handle timesheets,” says Wendy Gallagher, Aged & Disability Services Coordinator. “Beforehand we printed and distributed timesheets and staff had to fax them back, so there was a lot of paper and time involved. We also had no real way of knowing where people were, so from a safety aspect we were looking for ways to improve the duty of care we provided to our field staff.”

A number of workforce monitoring solutions were investigated but management were sold on Ezitracker’s risk management benefits and administration cost savings. An existing interface with their rostering system and testimonials from other councils also made the decision relatively easy.

After using the telephony service for about a year, Southern Grampians Shire HACC felt it was time to upgrade by adding the Ezitracker for mobile service.

“A small number of staff and clients had been a little reluctant to use the telephony service,” says Wendy. “While it was a vast improvement on handwritten timesheets, we felt the mobile service would gain greater support.”

Time and attendance is logged using the Ezitracker for mobile service by scanning a QR code affixed at the client’s premises. The code is usually visible from outside the premises e.g. side window in order to maximise service visit time whilst minimising client disturbance. Staff can also view their care rosters on their smartphone and updates can be received on the go.

“Ezitracker for mobile is such a visual service so it’s really easy to use,” says Wendy. “Within a very short time we had noticed that staff that were previously resistant to the telephony service had become our greatest advocates of using Ezitracker on their mobile.”

Additional information can also be captured including mileage, in-service data, responses to client or staff surveys and other messages. Alerts can be raised to inform management of non-arrival or departure from site. This enables immediate action to prevent client service break down and enhance carer safety.

“We get emergency alerts from the Council, but beforehand we had no way of relaying that information to our field staff. Last summer however we used Ezitracker’s messaging service to advise staff of Heat Health Alert Days and ask them to make sure their clients are keeping cool and had enough water handy. We knew they’d get the message next time they logged in or out.”

One of the greatest benefits of the Ezitracker service is the ability to automate payroll processes.

Wendy adds, “Prior to Ezitracker, travel time and mileage were written on timesheets which was often difficult to read and time consuming to add up, check and process for payroll. Now travel between clients and in-service expenses are captured by Ezitracker and sent to admin for staff reimbursement and client invoicing.

“We have experienced significant savings, especially with the mobile service. Staff used to get their rosters emailed, faxed, or posted but now they’re distributed via the mobile app. Processing timesheets for 40 carers used to take two staff at least a full day, but now electronic timesheets go straight to admin for payroll sign off.”

Benefits outcome

Greater efficiency of roster distribution and timesheet collection
Enhanced duty of care
Easy to use
Ability to capture additional information e.g. mileage
Significant reduction in payroll processing time & expenses

Gloucestershire County Council

Gloucestershire County Council  🇬🇧

Like every local authority throughout the UK, Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) are under pressure to find ways of achieving cost efficiencies without diminishing the quality of services provided. Adopting Electronic Homecare Monitoring (EHM) was identified as a key opportunity to help meet this objective. GCC asked specialist care efficiency consultants The Community Gateway (TCG) for their recommendations, which led to Ezitracker being chosen for a trial, pilot exercise. The results of the pilot were emphatic, showing savings of over 13% on the existing spend for commissioned care.

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea  🇬🇧

Against a backdrop of every increasing demand for homecare services, senior management at the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) were under pressure to find imaginative ways of delivering improved care provision whilst also controlling costs.

The introduction of Electronic Homecare Monitoring (EHM) became the key driver for a wholesale transformation in the way that RBKC managed and provided its homecare services, and RBKC were the first council in the country to award a contract for the provision of EHM via a tender process employing the ESPO 394 EHM framework agreement.

Feedback from other councils underlined the need to ensure that a requirement to use EHM was written into new contracts with domiciliary care providers. RBKC’s EHM project team also quickly concluded that it was best for the Borough to procure the monitoring system themselves rather than leaving providers to use a system of their choice.

RBKC chose Ezitracker because of the system’s proven performance capability, its compatibility with leading rostering systems, its ease of use, its proven track record and the reputation of the Ezitracker implementation team.

The unqualified success of Ezitracker has led to it being rolled out across the ‘Tri-borough’ councils of Westminster City Council, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, and RBKC.

“Until we introduced EHM, accountability was poor, we were totally reliant on paper timesheets and we really had no way of accurately verifying that our commissioned care was actually being delivered. With the best will in the world it was impossible to ensure that we were getting the service that we were paying for each day and we were expected to manage hundreds of unsupervised visits to different locations throughout the Borough.” Steven Forbes, Project Team Head, RBKC

Benefits outcome

Transformation in the management control of homecare services with access to carer planned schedules and actual time attendance in real-time. This has resulted in significant improvements in service delivery.
Substantial increase in performance from external providers with 85% of commissioned care now being actually delivered within acceptable parameters.
Since 2010 providers are now paid on actual care delivered. This has resulted in savings of around £70K with further savings of £90K per annum as staff costs were further reduced as a direct result of manpower efficiency savings generated by Ezitracker.
A 100% reduction in paper invoicing with providers paid on actual attendance hours delivered; verified by Ezitracker. Automated e-processing now enables a seamless integration of ordering, scheduling, attendance verification, arbitration and payment.
Safeguard for lone working carers which has been welcomed by in-house and external providers alike.

Newport City Council

Newport City Council  🇬🇧

Newport City Council’s in-house homecare service had made the decision to take steps to achieve improved levels of service and efficiency, and part of this was the need for a more effective rostering system capable of optimising the deployment of their care staff. After extensive evaluation they chose a packaged solution from Ezitracker. As a result the council have since seen a transformation in the management control of domiciliary care, with significant improvements in care efficiency and service delivery.

The vast majority of the Newport’s homecare budget is outsourced to independent care providers, with additional support from the council’s own in-house team. Newport had been one of the first councils in Wales to introduce care monitoring but the initial system used had proved unreliable and the rostering element unfit for the task. The management team were committed to increasing the quality and efficiency of their service and it was clear they could only do this with a better system.

After evaluating all the leading monitoring suppliers and taking advice from existing customers the council opted for Ezitracker. Carol Lillie, Senior Locality Manager, comments, “Given our previous experience it was absolutely vital that we chose a supplier with a proven record of reliability and stability. From our assessment Ezitracker clearly stood out from the other leading systems and we had little hesitation in selecting it.

“Ezitracker has now transformed the management control of our homecare service and given us the ability to ensure that we are delivering our service as planned. With so many remote working staff out there, it has proved invaluable and of course we now have the additional safeguard afforded by Ezitracker to our lone-working carers.”

Benefits outcome

Improved service delivery from in‐house team with real-time attendance reports and “no-show” alerts, giving supervisors the opportunity to address any service breakdown immediately before a potential crisis occurs.
Cost savings as a result of significant savings in time and money spent processing paper timesheets.
Substantial reduction in queries from service users for care not delivered. Visibility of login process has aided acceptance of verified billing. When necessary, attendance reports are scrutinised and accepted.
The Ezitracker voice messaging has made a huge difference to communication with remote working care staff, ensuring valuable office time is not wasted trying to get through to community based care workers who otherwise might be difficult to get hold of.
The Ezitracker rostering system has provided a major improvement in the efficiency of the deployment of care worker resources, transforming the council’s ability to effectively manage staff hours.

Local Solutions

Local Solutions  🇬🇧

A leading social enterprise in the North West of England, Local Solutions have a proven track record of improving the quality of life for vulnerable and excluded people in the region, with 75% of the organisation’s turnover coming from domiciliary care services. Their 900 community care workers deliver over 22,000 hours of commissioned homecare per week to seven local authorities in the Merseyside and Greater Manchester region. Local Solutions made a strategic decision to introduce Ezitracker with three key objectives in mind: improving service delivery, increasing operational efficiency and safeguarding the organisation’s lone working community care workers.

Prior to its implementation, the problems faced by Local Solutions were typical of many providers of homecare services: the practical difficulties of managing a large team of care staff who predominately worked alone with minimal supervision and the constant need to improve service levels and increase efficiencies in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Following a competitive tender process for an Electronic Care Management (ECM) service, Local Solutions opted for Ezitracker even through it was not the lowest quote - it simply had a superior range of features and functions.

“Since we’ve implemented Ezitracker we’ve near enough doubled in size. We’ve doubled our provision for existing commissioners and added three new authorities. Without Ezitracker it would not have been possible to take on the volume of work or achieve our growth in recent years.” John O’Toole, Finance Manager, Local Solutions.

Benefits outcome

The capability to see in real-time that domiciliary care has been delivered and on the rare occasion when there is a service breakdown having it immediately flagged has allowed for instant remedial action to be taken.
Huge improvement in the efficiency of the organisation’s processes, resulting in significant cost savings.
More efficient planning and allocation of care worker resources, with more productive work patterns and visit cycles.
Attendance verification has reduced the back office time spent on timesheet processing, whilst automated reports have led to a substantial reduction in time spent on payroll preparation and invoice queries.
The additional safeguarding facility afforded to lone working care workers, which is greatly appreciated by Local Solution’s staff.
In addition to satisfying local authority ECM contractual requirements, it has proved an invaluable sales tool when Local Solutions have bid for tenders where monitoring is not actually stipulated.