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Minster Cleaning Services

Minster Cleaning Services

Founded over 30 years ago, Minster Cleaning Services has grown to become a multi-branch national company recognised as a significant force in the UK cleaning industry. The East Anglia branch currently have over 75 staff now using Ezitracker and they have been delighted with the way it has both improved operational efficiencies and become an important marketing tool when competing for new contracts.

The cleaning industry, in common with so many other sectors, has experienced tough times in the deep recession that followed the global economic crash of 2008. During this period the East Anglia branch used Ezitracker to great effect. Franchisee, Geoff Pollard, comments:

“During the highly challenging times we endured during the recession Ezitracker proved an invaluable asset. Wherever it has been used the response from clients has been very favourable and so we always make a feature of Ezitracker when we quote for new business. It’s a great way of showing that our customers are getting value for their money.

“On an operational level one of the most valuable aspects of Ezitracker is the tighter control the service gives you on hours worked. It means I can check the online data at various times of the day to see who is logged in and out, and the operations and administration staff use the service constantly to keep things running smoothly.”

The East Anglia branch of Minster Cleaning Services say that Ezitracker has really proved its worth as a management tool, with the efficiency gains experienced far greater than the cost of the service.

They also highly value the overall level of information about the business that the system generates and the additional safeguards it delivers to lone workers, helping the company meet its duty of care obligations to staff.

Benefits outcome

A valued marketing tool that has helped secure new business.
Provided much greater management control and a more thorough understanding / insight into all operational aspects of the business.
Universally positive feedback from clients.
Efficiency savings have proved far greater than the cost of the service.
A valuable aid to effective risk management - provides important duty of care responsibilities for lone working employees.