Success Stories

Cleaning & Facilities Management




Ecocleen have been providing contract cleaning services to the commercial sector for over 20 years, experiencing rapid growth and building an excellent reputation along the way. When the management found out about Electronic Staff Monitoring (ESM) they wasted no time in implementing the Ezitracker service. The company has now embedded Ezitracker into the core of its operations, successfully using it to improve service, enhance management control and win more business.

Ecocleen identified two key challenges that they believe most commercial cleaning contractors must contend with: the daunting challenge of delivering outstanding service, profitability and growth in a sector traditionally dominated by price whilst retaining their best cleaning staff given the high staff turnover in the cleaning sector.

Reflecting on these, Managing Director, Sean Taylor, said, “If you think about it, ESM has a role to play in meeting both these challenges. First, it helps us to improve our service levels and add value whilst also achieving process efficiencies and driving down costs; all vital benefits in such a competitive market. And as far as staff retention is concerned, here too there are long-term benefits - we only want to work with staff that we can trust and buy into our vision; we never felt it’s about monitoring cleaners but openness, efficiency and the culture of our business. It was obvious to us that ESM would help us to identify the really committed staff and ensure we had a totally transparent relationship with them.”

Ecocleen looked at competitor products but nonetheless rapidly concluded that Ezitracker was the best match for their needs. It has now been embedded into Ecocleen’s systems, providing indispensable information on what is happening, in real-time, at the multitude of sites throughout the UK where they operate.

Sean Taylor adds, “We use Ezitracker so that we know the actual hours that our staff have worked and of course we want our staff to know that we can see their actual attendance hours. “No-show” alerts are raised to supervisors according to Ecocleen’s agreed thresholds, enabling them to respond before any service breakdown.”

Benefits outcome

Transformation in the management control of the remote working workforce. Management now have clear visibility of what’s going on at all locations and can respond immediately to any service breakdown; pre-empting any customer complaints and enhancing service delivery.
Streamlining of processes with a massive reduction in paper flow. Back office staff no longer needed for time-consuming processing of timesheets and payroll. Staff resources previously allocated to this time have moved to customer facing roles where they are now enhancing service delivery.
Ezitracker is now being used as an added value proposition by the company, exemplifying Ecocleen’s commitment to service, transparency and integrity. Essentially Ezitracker is now seen by management as an indispensable requirement for successful bids on new contracts.