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Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning

Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning

The family owned and operated Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning, based in Victoria, employ around 375 staff at over 300 locations throughout Australia including many high security government sites. Triple certified with ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 4801 OHS Standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Management, they now have over 20 years’ industry experience in providing integrated facilities solutions but continuous expansion and rising staff numbers had put their payroll systems under constant pressure.

General Manager, Ben Jacobs, comments, “Our manual timesheet systems were creating a workflow problem; we were losing productivity and countless hours in follow-up calls to chase up timesheets. We also had no reporting tools to monitor and verify actual site attendance.”

To eliminate lost productivity, improve payroll workflow and visibility of site attendance as well as reduce wage costs, Cloverdale made the decision to adopt Ezitracker.

“Due to the nature of the clients we service,” says Ben, “we were restricted in the type of monitoring solution we could adopt. Ezitracker doesn’t require purchase of any capital equipment, so the low cost to implement the service nationally was a very attractive proposition.

“Furthermore, staff find Ezitracker simple to use and it can be up-scaled with the addition of other login methods such as Biotouch and smartphones at any time.”

After using the Ezitracker service for a relatively short time, administration staff noticed a significant drop in payroll processing time from 24 hours to collate and process manual timesheets to downloading data in just a couple of hours.

“Working hours are checked against budget, adjusted and approved before they’re sent to payroll for payment” added Ben, “and with real-time reporting of staff attendance there has been a drop in falsified timesheets – we’ve lowered our fortnightly wage costs by approximately 15%.”

Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning also utilise Ezitracker management reports to provide comprehensive information to their clients and believe this is having a significant impact on their contract performance as they can demonstrate actual attendance on site and the time worked.

“Ezitracker provides transparency of contract activities that had previously been difficult to manage. Site supervisors are made aware of disparities as they occur, enabling them to take remedial action to ensure continuity of service. This, along with electronic reporting and visibility of site attendance, undoubtedly gives us a competitive advantage when bidding for new business,” concluded Ben.

Benefits Outcome

Low implementation cost (no capital equipment required).
Flexibility of login methods to suit staff and site requirements.
Easy to use, even for non-English speaking staff.
Significant reduction in payroll expenses.
Eliminates falsified timesheets.
Competitive advantage when bidding for new business.