Ezitracker totally transforms the management control of remote workers, enabling supervisors to ascertain the real-time whereabouts of their remote staff and verify that visit attendance and work shifts have been completed as scheduled. The heart of Ezitracker is the class leading monitoring service with built in T&A – the fool proof record of visit time and attendance for remote working staff; providing third party electronic proof of service delivery to clients.

Below are the main benefits of the core time and attendance monitoring service but there are many ways that you can customise Ezitracker with additional modules to provide other important benefits such as easier staff scheduling.

Preventing service breakdown
By alerting supervisors to staff ‘no-shows’ Ezitracker enables management to respond immediately to any potential breakdown in service. Calls can be made to the client before a complaint arrives and remedial action can be taken to maintain service delivery, thus enhancing customer relationships.

Saving time and money
By adopting a fully electronic staff monitoring system, Ezitracker users gain a substantial reduction in the managerial time and effort involved in manually checking timesheets. By eliminating this labour-intensive activity it vastly speeds up timesheet processing with corresponding cost reductions. In addition, Ezitracker stops payroll overpayments, discrepancies, timesheet fraud/abuse and disputes by providing a precise third party record of actual hours worked by remote staff.

Meeting staff duty of care obligations
Ezitracker provides a crucial safeguard for lone workers by automatically raising an alert if a staff member fails to log out from the system. Trigger settings, escalation procedures and alert recipients can be set by customers according to their requirements. This provides clear evidence of responsible risk management and demonstrates a real commitment to employee welfare.

Improving operating efficiency
Ezitracker’s payroll integration feature means that the real-time verified report on the actual hours worked at each location during a day period can be matched against contracted hours, streamlining and simplifying the whole payroll procedure; substantially cutting payroll costs in the process.

Helping win new business

Ezitracker eliminates burdensome and time-consuming manual processes, streamlining and greatly improving operating efficiency. Ezitracker provides in-depth, detailed knowledge of actual labour costs; when combined with the savings gained by eliminating the need to allow for time fraud or build in “slack” it means our customers can be more competitive on price, gaining a significant competitive advantage when tendering for new contracts.

Satisfying EWM/EMS requirements
Increasingly EWM/EMS (Electronic Workforce Monitoring/Electronic Monitoring System) is stipulated as a pre-tender contract condition by clients and with Ezitracker you can meet this obligatory requirement.Find out more about the benefits of Ezitracker's time and attendance or click here to contact us with your enquiry.