Workplace Technologies – an enabler for change

In a brave new digitised workspace, forward thinking service providers are embracing the developments in technology which is enabling them to be more adaptable and reap benefits in increased productivity, cost savings and a more mobile workforce.One of the major forces driving the facilities management market is the emergence and advancement of cloud based solutions. Business procedures can be str... Read More

8 Benefits of Biometric Time and Attendance Systems

Gone are the days when supervisors use manual paper trails to keep track of employees and their whereabouts. Less and less companies are using spreadsheets to account for time and attendance and they want better methods of measuring actual hours worked by each employee. Biometric time clocks uses innovative technology to provide a secure alternative for staff to clock in and out.Biometrics is a me... Read More

Do you have control of your staff costs and expenses?

Employee expenses is a significant cost to most businesses and in most cases, it is badly managed and poorly controlled. Businesses and organisations are waking up to the fact that in these austere times their expenses system could be leaking much-needed cash and are turning to HR directors to devise and implement stricter policies.Even in a traditional workforce, maintaining control of costs can... Read More

Maintaining the trust of clients with proof of service

THROUGHOUT THE FM SECTOR, IT IS CRITICAL FOR CONTRACT SUPPLIERS TO DELIVER THE AGREED LEVEL OF SERVICE TO MEET CONTRACT COMPLIANCE, RETAIN BUSINESS AND GOODWILL.In every business, it is essential to establish and nurture a culture of trust amongst the workforce and for managers of large, remote workforces, it is a critical to the success of the organisation. Where remote workforces are concerned, ... Read More

How to increase profitability and productivity

TRACKING AND MANAGING EMPLOYEE ATTENDANCE CAN DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE YOUR PROFIT AND OVERALL PRODUCTIVITY.If not monitored correctly, employee lateness can cost businesses thousands of pounds per year. There are a variety of costs associated with lateess, these can be broken down into direct and indirect.Direct costs associated with lateness include:•Covering the missing employee (potentially at a... Read More

Ezitracker streamlines operations with Head Office relocation

Strategic move allows for further growth and job creation.On 1st April 2017, Ezitracker UK’s Head Office was relocated from Cwmbran, Wales, to Four Oaks House, Sutton Coldfield, head-quarters of parent company, HAS Technology Group. Ezitracker has built a reputation of being a trusted supplier of reliable and innovative technology solutions for better remote workforce management. Group Marketing... Read More

Join us at the Facilities Management Show at the NEC!

Why not pop along to the VIP Lounge Networking Drinks at The Facilities Management Show, sponsored by The Hill Club, between 2pm and 4pm on Wednesday 23rd March and have a chat with our team?We’ll be there to show you how Ezitracker’s innovative scheduling, monitoring and reporting solutions give you the power to substantially increase customer satisfaction, rapidly gain competitive advantage ... Read More

Comply to the guidance NICE have issued with Ezitracker’s end to end solutions

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have issued new guidance that, “Care Workers should spend at least 30 minutes on homecare visits to older people in England as part of a new gold standard for services.”The guidance also recommends: Continuity of care: ensuring Service Users know their Care WorkersCare Workers be trained to recognise and respond to health problemsgr... Read More

Come and see Ezitracker at the Health+Care Show

Come and see us at the Health+Care Show 2015, ExCeL, London 24-25 June 2015. A major event for everyone connected with health and social care sectors it brings all the key stakeholders together from around the country to network, share practical advice, find real solutions and engage in facilitated learning that can be taken back to visitors day-to-day roles.Featuring over 400 exhibitors in seven ... Read More


As public scrutiny of the care sector continues to make headlines, a recent article made national news when a care worker was shown to fabricate their timesheet and visit reports – falsely claiming that visits to a handicapped man were made and for lengthy durations.The case demonstrated that without the Local Authority (LA) specifying the use of a system to provide independent verificatio... Read More