The untapped productivity potential of seven million UK workers

Nearly a quarter of UK employees rate themselves as ‘unproductive’ at work, equating to seven million of the nation’s total workforce, according to research by Vodafone.The research from Vodafone reveals that nearly a quarter (23%) of UK employees rate themselves as ‘unproductive’ at work, equating to seven million of the nation’s total workforce. At a time when improving the UK... Read More

Ezitracker launch a simple site based auditing tool, EziAudit

Working in line with the remote workforce management system EziMobile, EziAudit gives users the ability to capture site-specific quality and compliance data in real time, which can be recorded and compared against planned and budgeted tasks and operationsEziAudit drives efficiency, reduces administration and ensures quality compliance against the standards agreed with your client – these EziAudi... Read More

How does remote workforce management software work?

Ezitracker has an unrivalled track record in helping companies cut costs, improve operational efficiency, increase tender bid success rate, accurately measure contract profitability and deliver a real competitive advantage. That’s why we are the market-leading remote workforce management service used by organisations that employ large numbers of remote workers. We remote workforce management so... Read More

How to streamline your FM provision using Electronic Staff Monitoring

Employers of large numbers of cleaning and facilities management (FM) staff face demanding challenges in a market that is intensely competitive with constant pressure on margins. Many clients now insist upon independent verification of visits and missed or late visits can undermine the best of client relationships.The FM service provider’s burden is further increased by complex daily scheduling ... Read More

How to stay on budget and transform your payroll process

Many of the largest names in commercial cleaning and facilities management are implementing the remote workforce management solution from Ezitracker to transform their payroll processes and stay on budget.In the FM and commercial cleaning sectors the biggest budget will be for staff, so payroll and resource planning are critical to delivering the service plan. This burden is further increased by c... Read More