Security Companies

Security Companies


Whether its manned guarding or mobile response and patrol, the call for security staff is ever-growing with demand coming from a whole range of customer segments: property & premise security (private and commercial), schools & colleges, reception & concierge (”front of house”), sport & leisure facilities/events , VIP protection and so on.

Increasingly the clients for security services are demanding accountability by insisting on independent verification of attendance (proof of presence) – especially for services like mobile patrols. Ezitracker is the perfect solution to meet this need for verified proof of service. And Ezitracker has the proven track record of cutting costs giving security companies an edge in a highly competitive marketplace.

The “back office” benefits of using Ezitracker cannot be underestimated; Ezitracker reduces costs by eliminating labour-intensive paper timesheet processing; in addition it reduces payroll overpayments, discrepancies, time fraud, disputes and time spent on supervision by providing a precise, third party record of actual hours worked by security personnel, resulting in significant savings to payroll and other administration costs.

Key benefits of Ezitracker to Security Companies:

• Provides proof of presence / service delivery

• Monitors in real-time actual visit times and attendance duration

• Verifies hourly check calls – proof that a visit was made

• Confirmed attendance reports for shift handover personnel

• Provides “no-show” delivery alerts – avoids service breakdown

• Allows for “no-go” safeguarding alerts

• Matches actual to scheduled/planned visits – improves accountability

• Instant real time alerts to staff about any call/shift changes

• Improves and simplifies staff scheduling and planning

• Reduces ‘back office’ costs – eliminates manual timesheet processing

• Effectively manages risk

• Cuts payroll costs

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