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With huge numbers of care workers working alone in a domiciliary setting every day, the case for some form of remote monitoring was compelling. Ezitracker has set the standard in this sector, alerting management to any service breakdown and safeguarding lone working care staff.

The core Ezitracker time and attendance service can be customised to deliver additional benefits and the latest Provider Manageradd-on module is of direct interest to funding authorities. It saves home care commissioners time and money by integrating and streamlining all the processes involved in the commissioning, verifying and payment of home care services. Seamlessly integrating into leading social care systems, it fully automates the invoicing process and simplifies the arbitration and payment process. By bringing together the key systems in the commissioning, delivery and monitoring of home care services, Provider Manager results in major cost savings at the same time delivering greatly improved service levels.

Some local authorities have received negative and unwelcome publicity where appointed independent care providers have failed to show up or made only fleeting visits, badly neglecting the vulnerable and elderly residents they are supposed to be caring for. With Ezitracker in place, care workers can be monitored to verify service delivery, avoid any service breakdown and offer an essential safeguard whilst working alone.

Dozens of funding and local authorities have now adopted Ezitracker, gaining significant improvements in service levels whilst reducing homecare costs.

Key benefits of Ezitracker to Local Authorities & Care Funders:

• Monitors in real-time actual visit times and attendance duration

• Provides precise third party record of verified attendance

• Provides “no-show” care delivery alerts - allows remedial action to be taken

• Allows for “no-go” care worker safeguarding alerts

• Matches actual against scheduled/planned visits

• Improves service delivery

• Reduces ‘back office’ costs – eliminates manual timesheet processing

• Stops payroll fraud, overpayments and discrepancies

• Greatly simplifies care planning