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With more and more domiciliary care being contracted out, local authorities and other care funders are now insisting upon electronic care monitoring (ECM) so that care providers can supply independent verification of visits. For over 15 years Ezitracker has set the standard for electronic care monitoring, alerting management to any breakdown in service and providing an essential safeguard for lone working staff.

Whilst care providers might have to adopt an electronic care monitoring system as a condition of contract, with Ezitracker they soon discover it transforms operating efficiency, streamlines all processes, cuts payroll costs, greatly improves service provision and significantly lowers administration and other costs. This means they beome more price competive and win more care contracts.

Key benefits of Ezitracker to Independent Care Providers:

• Gives proof of service delivery to funding authorities

• Monitors in real-time actual visit times and attendance duration

• Provides precise third party record of verified attendance

• Triggers “no-show” care delivery alerts - allows remedial action to be taken

• Allows for “no-go” care worker safeguarding alerts

• Matches actual to scheduled/planned visits

• Simplifies staff planning

• Reduces ‘back office’ costs – eliminates manual timesheet processing

• Cuts payroll administration and actual payroll costs

• ESPO/Pro 5 Approved

• Enables compliance with EWM/ECM (Electronic Workforce Monitoring/Electronic Care Monitoring) contract stipulations

• Integrates with Local Authority/Funder systems