Managing remote security workers using Time and Attendance technology

The Security and Facilities Management sectors are under increasing pressure to provide accountability for and safeguard remote security workers. This, coupled with tighter service level agreements means that ensuring staff are on-site as planned is critical. Modern time and attendance technology solutions enable operations managers to verify attendance in real-time and eliminates the need for pa... Read More

Managing on site cleaners using Time and Attendance technology

The bigger cleaning contractors employ large numbers of site-based workers – sometimes thousands of remote working staff. Nowadays they have a need to provide proof of service provision to their own clients. There is a need for attendance verification and actual evidence of time spent at a client’s premises providing contracted cleaning services.The sector is under increasing pressure to prov... Read More

How does remote workforce management software work?

Ezitracker has an unrivalled track record in helping companies cut costs, improve operational efficiency, increase tender bid success rate, accurately measure contract profitability and deliver a real competitive advantage. That’s why we are the market-leading remote workforce management service used by organisations that employ large numbers of remote workers. We remote workforce management so... Read More

How to streamline your FM provision using Electronic Staff Monitoring

Employers of large numbers of cleaning and facilities management (FM) staff face demanding challenges in a market that is intensely competitive with constant pressure on margins. Many clients now insist upon independent verification of visits and missed or late visits can undermine the best of client relationships.The FM service provider’s burden is further increased by complex daily scheduling ... Read More

How to stay on budget and transform your payroll process

Many of the largest names in commercial cleaning and facilities management are implementing the remote workforce management solution from Ezitracker to transform their payroll processes and stay on budget.In the FM and commercial cleaning sectors the biggest budget will be for staff, so payroll and resource planning are critical to delivering the service plan. This burden is further increased by c... Read More

Getting the right staff in the right place at the right time

Managing complex staff schedules can be an absolute headache - Budget airline Ryanair’s management team found this out the hard way earlier this month. The spiralling situation over staff rotas led to the announcement to cancel up to 50 flights per day over six weeks and a complete PR disaster ensued. In the mobile FM sector, being confident that you can get the right people in the right place... Read More

Workplace Technologies – an enabler for change

In a brave new digitised workspace, forward thinking service providers are embracing the developments in technology which is enabling them to be more adaptable and reap benefits in increased productivity, cost savings and a more mobile workforce.One of the major forces driving the facilities management market is the emergence and advancement of cloud based solutions. Business procedures can be str... Read More

8 Benefits of Biometric Time and Attendance Systems

Gone are the days when supervisors use manual paper trails to keep track of employees and their whereabouts. Less and less companies are using spreadsheets to account for time and attendance and they want better methods of measuring actual hours worked by each employee. Biometric time clocks uses innovative technology to provide a secure alternative for staff to clock in and out.Biometrics is a me... Read More

Do you have control of your staff costs and expenses?

Employee expenses is a significant cost to most businesses and in most cases, it is badly managed and poorly controlled. Businesses and organisations are waking up to the fact that in these austere times their expenses system could be leaking much-needed cash and are turning to HR directors to devise and implement stricter policies.Even in a traditional workforce, maintaining control of costs can... Read More

Maintaining the trust of clients with proof of service

THROUGHOUT THE FM SECTOR, IT IS CRITICAL FOR CONTRACT SUPPLIERS TO DELIVER THE AGREED LEVEL OF SERVICE TO MEET CONTRACT COMPLIANCE, RETAIN BUSINESS AND GOODWILL.In every business, it is essential to establish and nurture a culture of trust amongst the workforce and for managers of large, remote workforces, it is a critical to the success of the organisation. Where remote workforces are concerned, ... Read More