Ezitracker’s aim is to be a solution partner supporting your Facilities Management business in the day to day people management process. By providing a comprehensive yet modularised solution, designed for the proactive monitoring of your people wherever they are, we allow you to focus on service delivery and operational excellence.

Unlike many, Ezitracker provides a solution that works for you and with our dynamic user billing  model you essentially ‘Pay as you Go’ for your people’s usage of the system. 

Employee Lifecycle

We start at the beginning of your employee’s journey with real time field based onboarding, your new employee is welcomed to the business and key departments are alerted of a new recruit.

Effective Scheduling

Manage your workforce by geographical availability, personal availability and site/contract based skill sets, whilst reducing absence and enabling work life balance.

Proactive Attendance

Using SMS/Email alerts proactively remind your staff of upcoming shifts or hourly check calls whilst also receiving alerts for lateness, no show, early departure or lone worker health and safety.

Data Capture & Connectivity

Irrespective of environment we can provide a cost effective method of data capture from conventional landline, SIM Phones, Mobile App, SMS Text, Biometrics or Self Service tablets.

Streamline back office administration

Simplify administration with automatic schedule approvals allowing managers and payroll to manage by exception with hierarchical views and approval workflows.

A single platform

Many providers, dazzle you with functionality albeit through a plethora of solutions under a single brand umbrella. We truly have a single platform designed to provide you with what you want and more. Running a Cleaning or Soft FM business is complex, Ezitracker is designed to help you stay ahead of the rest.

Corporate Reputation and Competitive Advantage

Reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy. Protect your reputation by ensuring proactive service delivery and gain competitive advantage by having an effective real time solution. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

By using Ezitracker you can effectively ensure your Corporate Social Responsibilities are being met towards your employees and customers by ensuring fair pay versus fair service delivery.

Flexible commercial ownership 

Ownership shouldn’t be a barrier, we all know SAAS but we take it a step further, our dynamic billing model tracks actual user usage and bills accordingly, the peaks and troughs of your business are our peaks and troughs, this coupled with our HAAS (hardware as a service) models allows professional services and hardware to be deployed in a more conventional OPEX model.

Provides Transparency

Our standard reporting is powerful, but our analytics platform provides advanced reporting, bespoke reporting and dashboards, providing clear KPIs metrics which allow you to make informed decisions.

Accurate Auditing

Workforce management isn't just ensuring and validating attendance, it's about ensuring quality service delivery. Onsite auditing provides activity-based auditing ensuring contract KPIs are being met and penalties minimised.

Improved Payroll Accuracy

Avoid payroll queries by effective daily management of actual attendance versus planned, empowering your cleaning workforce with real time attendance data reduces employee conflict and increases staff retention and loyalty.


Ezitracker has a myriad of successful integration partners some using our solution with others using our Real-Time interface to present collated data in 3rd party solutions or dashboards.

end to end solutions through collobrative working with our

Strategic Integration Partners

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