Key Users

Managing Remote Workforces

Worldwide over 80,000 registered users have discovered the benefits of Ezitracker electronic monitoring; gaining improved service delivery, better productivity, increased operating efficiencies, significantly lower operating costs and higher bid success rates.

So whether it’s to provide proof of verified attendance to clients, meeting contract compliance obligations, reducing time-consuming payroll administration or for health & safety reasons, an ever-growing number of organisations are adopting electronic monitoring systems for staff that operate remotely.

And the name they turn to is Ezitracker; internationally it’s the trusted choice for some of the biggest employers of remote workforces and now the foremost name in technology for managing remote workforces.

Key benefits of Ezitracker®

  • Provides electronic verification of service delivery
  • Ensures contract compliance
  • Improves bid success rates
  • Enhances customer relationships
  • Reduces payroll & invoicing administration costs
  • Eliminates paper timesheet processing
  • Seamlessly integrates with leading accounting systems
  • Stops timesheet fraud
  • Shows the real-time whereabouts of all remote workers
  • Helps meet duty of care obligations for lone workers
  • Prevents service breakdown  
  • Makes staff scheduling much easier